59% of B2B companies are not open to accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.


– Texas! Invoiced and PaymentsNEXT have just published “The State of B2B Payment Acceptance” detailing the top payment trends and priorities among U.S. business-to-business companies.
-When asked about their plans for accepting cryptocurrency payments, 59% fo B2B indicated they have no plans to do so and are not open to it. Conversely only 2% of respondents indicated they’re currently accepting cryptocurrency payments. Only 39% of respondents indicated any level of openness or intention to accept crypto currency in the future.
-The the most important decision drivers for considering accepting crypto were convenience (41%) and security (37%)
-The top payment wish list items among B2B companies are: (#1) shortening deposit time, (#2) making it easier for customers to pay, and (#3) reducing manual payment acceptance processes.
-64% of respondents are open to, planning to or already accepting virtual card payments from their customers.
-Cross-border payments show strong interest among B2Bs, with 62% of respondents open to or already accepting these payments
– Check payments maintain a slight lead over credit/debit cards and direct debit, among the most popular payment methods accepted. Cash is still in the mix, but virtual cards (14%) and cryptocurrency payments (4%) are way down the list.
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