Rummy is an exciting card game that has been widely played. This common card game has almost become an indispensable part of Indian culture. This exciting card game can be a pure joy to play with your near and dear ones. Alas! We do not get such provisions nowadays because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic across the globe.

However, that should not stop you from playing Rummy. You can play Rummy online using various platforms and applications. The fun is equal, if not more. The game’s online mode lets you play the game and test your skills against live opponents. Playing against unknown players improves your skills and experience. According to Forbes, the easy affordability of laptops, smartphones, and the internet has increased the popularity of online Rummy in many folds, especially during the pandemic.

People playing online Rummy are pretty aware of the rules of the game. It depends on your practice and experience how seasoned a player you are. If you participate in tournaments, you need to defeat veteran players on a knock-out basis. That requires some Rummy tricks to be in advantage. You need to play differently from others to become the winner. Even after Rummy’s immense popularity, some people are unaware of the game. They often ask odd questions. The article shall discuss the 6 most annoying questions a rummy player faces now and then.

What is Rummy?

Some people are not that aware of card games, such as Rummy. They often ask, “What is Rummy?” If you are a veteran Rummy player, it can get on your nerves. There will be no point explaining what the game is all about, and they will not understand unless they play it themselves. Therefore, it is wiser to explain the basics of the game first.

However, Rummy is a card game played between 2 to 6 players using two decks of cards. The jokers are also a part of the game. One deck is a closed pile of cards that does not allow you to view the cards, and the other deck is open, consisting of the cards discarded by other players. Each player deals with 13 cards.

Is winning a Rummy game is all about luck?

That is another vexing question you can come across as a Rummy player. People not knowing about the game usually ask this odd question. Luck is associated with any card game, and Rummy is no exception. You have no control over getting a good hand of cards. But that does not mean it is a game of luck altogether.

This question may sound quite insulting for a veteran player who knows the game in and out and has exceptional skills and experience. The player knows how much effort is needed to win a Rummy game when played against seasoned players. However, it is better to avoid answering such questions asked by novices. You can only advise the person to learn the game at the maximum.

Is playing Rummy legal?

If you face this particular question, you need to answer. Avoiding such a question may portray a wrong picture about you to society. Playing Rummy is legal both in paper cards and online formats. Tell them to search this query on the internet. They will get their answers. And if any of them do not know how to find answers on the internet, you can do the task on his behalf and share those links substantiating the legality of Rummy. As far as the Indian scenario is concerned, the honourable Supreme Court of India has approved Rummy as a legal game.

Are Poker and Rummy the same game?

A question like this is enough to spoil the mood of any Poker or Rummy player. And if you are one of those players who play or know both the games, the question can make you feel mad. There is no similarity between Poker and Rummy except both being card games. That is the ideal answer to that question. There is no point in explaining the difference as it will be harder to make a novice understand. However, Poker is a more complex game than Rummy. Poker is more of a mind game, and it demands more skills and strategy.

Don’t you lose your mind playing online Rummy?

Players who know the game in and out and enjoy it thoroughly can seriously get annoyed by this question. Rummy is an excellent stress buster for many people playing online during the lockdowns. Some professional players practice for hours to master the game. These players usually compete in tournaments by paying real cash. That shows their dedication and affinity towards the game. If a person does an activity to relax his mind and you doubt that activity is troublesome, the person will get irritated for apparent reasons. Players who enjoy playing Rummy do not lose their minds. Rather it gets refreshed. It is better not to answer such a question or deliver a simple ‘no’ as your answer.

Isn’t the game addicting?

Many people avoid playing card games in any format to get addicted. For them, once you start playing a card game like Rummy, you will become addicted and lose the balance of your life. However, there is a difference between enjoyment and addiction. Regular Rummy players only play the game when they want to refresh their minds. They know the purpose of playing the game, so they immensely enjoy playing Rummy. In addition, regular players usually allot a specific duration for the game. That is because they know how to balance work and leisure. Veteran rummy players only participate when they have the utmost concentration level and a fresh mind. That increases their probability of winning the game.


Playing Rummy online can be super exciting, provided you know all the game’s rules. If you want to perform against seasoned opponents, a few extra tips and tricks can be helpful. Do not get irritated by the questions like the above asked by newcomers or people having no idea about the game.

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