6 digital marketing trends fintech startups need to follow

As a fintech startup, the first step you need to make is to come up with a great product or service. If you’ve got an idea that will improve the way people receive and use financial services in any way, you’re off to a great start. But, it’s not enough for you to just have a great product. You also need to advertise it properly.

There are digital marketing trends that fintech startups should make use of. These trends will help you build an audience, gain their trust, and raise brand awareness. The best way to ensure your company is seen by the right people is to invest in the right marketing resources. As such, an SEO strategy for fintech companies should be at the core of your online marketing strategy. This article will break down those trends and help you learn how to follow them.

Let’s dig deeper into it.

  • Branding

If you want to raise brand awareness and have more people learn about it every day, you’ve got to invest in branding.

Branding  your fintech product or service requires:

  • a logo design that is catchy and to the point
  • choosing brand colors and fonts
  • staying consistent in all your marketing efforts

As you can see, some of the leading fintech companies decide to go for simplicity in both syntax and design. This gives your brand the heaviness and authenticity you need.

Once you decide on the branding, it’s time to move on to the next step of your digital marketing strategy.

  • Going Visual

Creating heavily visual content is an ongoing digital marketing trend that keeps getting stronger. Fintech startups need to follow this trend to get more people on board.

People online see so much content on a daily basis. They scroll through their social media news feed, and Google results until they spot something worth stopping.

 If you manage to present information in a more visual form, you’re increasing your chances of being noticed by more people. Create content such as:

  • video tutorials
  • how-to videos
  • infographics
  • customer testimonial videos or images
  • attention-grabbing social media posts

Make sure you combine stunning visuals with professional branding to get the winning combination. White Hat SEO techniques are also useful for digital marketing and would help improve your site’s rating

  • Voice Searches 

Voice searches are becoming the new leading way of looking for information online. That makes significant changes in SEO and how algorithms process people’s searches.

If you want your fintech startup to rank higher and be a part of this digital marketing trend, you need to adapt your content.

Optimizing for voice searches means:

  • using longtail keywords
  • writing in the form of a Q&A
  • make it conversational
  • use bullet points and lists
  • rely on local SEO

A person looking for information using voice search might ask:

  •  “How can I protect my online payments?” 

A person looking for this answer by typing into Google search box might type:

  • “protecting online payments”

Know the difference and start relying more on content optimized for voice searches.

  • Valuable Blogging

Blogging is still one of the building blocks of a great and successful digital marketing strategy. While blogging and SEO used to be focused on satisfying Google algorithms, things have changed.

Today, your content writing efforts need to satisfy both parties:

  • your target audience
  • Google algorithms

You can’t choose one of the two, and you have to write with both in mind. Here’s what that means:

  • doing proper keyword research
  • doing proper keyword implementation
  • covering trending topics 
  • answer burning questions your audience might have
  • providing guidance and reliable information

Writing to provide value is the key digital marketing trend you need to follow. In case you need any help with writing, check out these writing websites reviews to find the one that fits your needs.

Keep in mind that actual people will read your content, hoping to learn something or solve a problem.

  • Data Protection & Privacy

As a fintech startup, you need to know the needs of your target audience. The truth is, you need to predict what they want to know and then give them the answers to their questions.

People who use online payment methods or any other financial technologies want to know that their money is safe.

This is your chance to win them over:

  • write about your data protection policy
  • create content advising them on how to increase their security
  • cover topics such as defense against spoof emails
  • reassure them their money is safe with you
  • create a positive opinion about online wallets and transactions

Play this card to make sure more people trust you and your brand. Let them know they’re in good hands by creating and publishing content with messages of positivity, security, and trust.

  • Opt For Mobile-First

User experience plays a huge role in the way potential customers will perceive your brand. Your website will speak for you, and if it’s not crafted to fit all of the visitors, you’re doomed.

Statistics show that 40% of online transactions are done using a mobile device. Also, more than 50% of all web searches come from devices such as tablets and smartphones.

With that in mind, we suggest following the ongoing trend of employing a mobile-first design.

A mobile-first design implies:

  • a mobile responsive design
  • design that fits all screen sizes
  • visuals that conform to all devices
  • compressing visuals for a faster load time
  • consistency across all devices

You need to adapt your design and make it suitable for all devices, especially mobile ones. This will ensure your bounce rate is low and more people stick around and explore your website. 

How A Financial Marketing Agency Can Help 

Generally, the best planners and executors of digital marketing trends for fintech startups are marketers from financial marketing agencies. For one, they have the proper digital marketing knowledge, skills, tools, and experience to help you reach your goals.  

A financial services marketing or fintech agency can serve the specialized needs of direct-to-consumer financial services businesses, alongside the diverse customers they serve. Here are the other advantages of hiring a fintech marketing agency: 

  1. Fintech marketing agencies provide the same process, creativity, and expertise to their partnerships with businesses targeting the financial service’s audience and industry. A specialized fintech marketing agency combines deep marketing and financial services expertise and an emerging fintech mindset.  
  2. From website and mobile site design to content and social media marketing, a fintech marketing expert can help generate profit-generating results. Fintech marketing experts implement proven-effective ways to launch marketing campaigns and track metrics. 
  3. Fintech marketing agencies support B2C and B2B financial innovation across brand campaigns, sales, and customer engagement. Examples of financial innovation that a fintech marketing agency can help you with include a growth digital-first approach and blockchain and crypto product marketing.  

Fintech startups can learn a lot from financial service and marketing experts. So, if you want quicker and more positive marketing outcomes, seeking the help of a trusted fintech marketing agency can be a smart move.

Final Thoughts

As a fintech startup, it’s your task to fight for your spot on the market and stay competitive. The only way to make this happen is to have a strong digital marketing strategy that pushes you forward.

Use the digital marketing trends listed above to create a strong online presence. Keep working on improvement and follow the trends that are yet to come. This will help you reach your goals and win over new customers.

About the author: Daniela McVicker is a blogger and a freelance writer who works closely with B2B and B2C businesses providing blog writing, copywriting, and ghostwriting services. Currently, she blogs for AllTopReviews, the list of the best writing services. When Daniela isn’t writing, she loves to travel, read romance and science fiction, and try new wines.

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