20 years

It feels like just two decades ago we were living in the dark ages of technology. While there were gaming systems, computers, and programs like Microsoft Word, many people still didn’t have their own email addresses. Now, it seems like people have 12 email addresses, and they carry around the world’s best supercomputer in their pockets. When you used to need to wait in line for everything, now you can apply for and complete almost any task online. From growing your wealth to recovering lost documents and doing your daily banking, the internet has made tremendous leaps and bounds.

Online Banking

Can you believe what you can do with online banking? 20 years ago, you couldn’t send payments from an app on your phone, and yet look at where we are today. Banking technology has come a long way. And while some people could do limited tasks back in the early 1990’s, it wasn’t until smartphones came onto the scene that online banking became widely adopted. Not only can you send payments, check balances, and move money to different accounts, you can also send payments internationally and the fees are far less than they were 2 decades ago.

Trade Stocks

While using a stockbroker is the best when you don’t want to pay attention to the market all the time, it’s entirely possible to not only trade stocks, but to also buy them online. Apps like Robinhood make it easy to get involved in buying and selling stocks for very little money. You no longer need thousands of dollars to get started. And even if you cannot buy an entire stock, you can purchase portions of stocks so that you can still get in on growing your wealth.

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency wasn’t even a thing twenty years ago. And today, there are average people who have been able to earn millions in cryptocurrency. When crypto first came out, it was very difficult to get, and you could only use computers to get them. Now, you can buy cryptos on exchanges, send them to different wallets including offline hardware ones. With cryptocurrency you can even purchase some goods and services. Companies like Tesla will take payment for their cars in Bitcoin directly. This can save you a lot of money on the fees associated with cashing out your coins.  

Changing Your Information

A long time ago you needed to walk into a bank to change things like your address, phone number, and even your name. Now many of these things are available online. With smart technology, you’re able to do more things than ever before. You can go into your work system to change your information including doing name changes, request pay stubs, change W-2 forms, and so much more.

Apply for Birth Certificate

Many locations no longer require you to show up in person to get a birth certificate. Now you can apply for one online. The systems use databases and facial recognition software to ensure you are the right person. This means that instead of waiting in long lines or taking time off work, you can easily apply for a second copy on your lunch break. This is perfect for people who can wait a few weeks, but who need a birth certificate for things like applying for a passport. You can even apply for a social security card online. This helps expedite the process of getting your important documents if you’ve lost them.

Filing Your Taxes

If you remember back to the days of paper tax forms, then you’ve been doing them a long time. There weren’t always software programs like TaxAct. And a long time ago, you couldn’t file with H&R Block online. You needed to go to a location to get a real person to complete the forms and file for you. Taxes have come a long way. Even many complex taxes can easily be filed online. This ensures that people get their refunds more quickly or that they can determine their tax liability more swiftly. Filing taxes become easy when you can do it online. You can work on it little by little when you have time instead of carving out appointment times to go to a tax professional if you don’t really need it. 

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