Owning gold would always be an excellent investment, primarily since its value increases over time. You can purchase them as a bar, bullion, or even an accessory that you can wear daily. In addition, you can allow your gold to be fashionable, useful, and profitable when you wear them as accessories. This can help prevent your investment from sitting in an empty room, where you can use it to style yourself.  

As there are plenty of ways and forms you can purchase gold, storing it correctly is essential to keep it in its best shape for as long as possible. While you can always try to lay it out on your dresser or on your bedside table, there are proper methods to store your gold. Here are some ways to properly keep your gold safe and sound: 

  • Depository Bank 

As you invest in gold, you might also need to invest in their security. With the proper protection, you know your investments won’t slip out of your hands and will have maximum security 24/7. To achieve this, you’ll need to store your gold in a depository bank like Guardian Vaults or other similar companies. They can help you secure your investments and provide increased protection from any criminal elements. This way, you know someone’s guarding your property, and no unauthorized person can take your investment away.  

There are many benefits a depository bank can offer for your gold. However, you might need to prepare to pay fees to accommodate their service and security. But it’s all worth it to keep your investments safe. Depending on your plan, you can choose to pay annually or quarterly. Furthermore, you can decide which payment method you’ll be most comfortable with and which provides you with the least amount of money to make your money’s worth. 

  • Inside A Vault 

If you’re not comfortable being away from your gold, you can always choose to place it inside a vault. This way, you can keep a closer eye on your gold without traveling to a depository bank. On the one hand, a safe can prevent other people from accessing your gold. However, the risks of criminal elements running away with it are still high. With a vault, on the other hand, you can guarantee the safety of your investment as you’ll be setting a password that you never use on any of your accounts. Moreover, you can even purchase a vault with two-factor authentication that requires both key and password to unlock.

As you store a vault inside your home, ensure that you don’t let anyone know where you place them inside your house. Even with a password, you should hide it from everyone else to see. This can prevent any possible burglars from trying to steal your safe and allow your gold to be completely safe inside your home. Additionally, it’ll also help if you could keep the vault a secret. The fewer people know, the smaller chances unauthorized individuals stealing your property. 

  • Keep Them In Their Original Containers 

If you have collective gold coins, there’s a high chance they come with special cases or slips. With that in mind, it’s only practical to keep your gold coins inside and prevent yourself from switching them from one container to another. Not only can it help you save on buying extra containers, but it can also help you to protect your collectible gold coins further.

The containers that come with your collectible gold coin don’t only provide maximum protection but also help increase the value of your investment over time. Most collectors prefer purchasing coins in their original containers. Collectible gold coins in original containers can further prove authenticity since it includes certificates and information about the gold’s specifications. It can also allow the coin to have already a beautiful pocket to sit in.

  • Place Inside A Coin Flip  

Gold coins aren’t just something that’s pretty to look at but also hold great value to them. If you’ve purchased a gold coin that doesn’t come with a container, you might consider getting a coin flip as your storage. A coin flip is a small vinyl or cardboard material that can hold your coins properly and protect them from the elements. They can also protect your coins from dust, oil, and other undesirable components which could affect their quality.

When purchasing a coin flip, ensure they’re made from vinyl or cardboard, as they provide maximum protection for your investments. While PVC is much cheaper, it can damage your coin’s surface, decreasing its value. To find the perfect flip, you should purchase one at specialty coin and metal shops. Alternatively, you can always try to search for them online. 

  • Keep Away From Sunlight, Humidity, And Severe Temperatures 

You must keep your gold away from sunlight, humidity, and extreme temperatures when storing it. Even if gold is a strong metal, the elements can affect your gold’s structure and physical appearance. For instance, your gold could experience dullness, discoloration, and structural problems when exposed to sunlight. 

Like sunlight, humidity and other severe temperatures can also affect your gold’s surface. Not only that it can affect its appearance, but it can also reduce its market value, putting your investment to waste. With that, ensure that you keep your gold away from those environmental factors and place it in a dry, cool place.

  • Hidden Places 

You can also store your gold somewhere hidden. That way, you keep it away from any environmental factors while also ensuring no suspicious people can pry into your property. Furthermore, no one will suspect you have gold inside, thus reducing the chances of robbery. However, this might be tricky as you must remember where you hide your gold when recovering it. 

There are plenty of various places where you can hide your gold. For example, you can either bury it in your backyard, stuff it inside your mattress, or put it in your attic. However, with the last method, you’ll need to secure them well by placing them in an airtight container, like a portable safe. This will ensure you hide your gold pieces well and keep them from damage.  


As you invest in gold, it’s your responsibility to ensure you store it well to preserve its quality and appearance. While there are plenty of ways to keep them, such as inside your vault, in a depository bank, or purchasing flips, ensure that you pick the one you’re most comfortable with. Storing your gold coins should always be on top of your priority list to help increase their value and make your investment worth it.

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