Presently, buying bitcoins is a very simple thing. We’ve got various companies facilitating virtual currency purchases through cash or online. Nevertheless, certain difficulties come about when using cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange in trade. The crypto-calendar marks 22 May 2010 as an extraordinary date. It’s the day when Hanyecz Laszlo made the first purchase ever using bitcoin. From that time onwards, several online and physical stores in the market accept the use of bitcoins as an exchange for goods bought.

Do you know some of the things you can buy using the bitcoins? Well, we’re here to show you the six weird things you can shop for using it. Please keep reading to know more.

Things you can pay with bitcoin

Are you wondering if there are things that can be bought with bitcoins? Well, the following is a list of items you can get for bitcoins. Let’s see;


Did you ever think one of your quenches for delicious tastes such as burgers, pizza, and fried cheese, among others, can happen through bitcoin? The leading food chains, fast foods, or grocery stores are now taking in bitcoins. Additionally, one can go for healthier options, including fruits and vegetables. Other stores accepting bitcoins are Subway, Burger King, Papa Jhones, and Spicescave, where you can get infusions, tea, and spices. More food options to buy are hot sauce, bread, and pastries, Thai food, cheesecake, fried chicken, olive oil, honey, submarine sandwiches, and salads.

Luxurious cars

It can sometimes be challenging for bitcoin holders and other cryptocurrency systems to buy staff as big as luxury vehicles and cars. It’s because car companies rarely accept bitcoins. However, those who do aren’t usually free to give the most luxurious choices as you may wish. The good news is we know a few websites and companies that accept payment with bitcoins. Knowing them, for now, will help save you time and effort in search of such types.

Below is a list compiled for you- car brands you can buy with bitcoins to finally get your dream car. They include:










Remember, your choice isn’t just limited to luxury cars, but non-luxury options are still there. For example, Agusta Bell helicopters, Airbus, heavy equipment such as mixers, cranes, and tracks. You may also opt two-wheeled machines like scooters, motorbikes, and bicycles.

Real estate properties

We all know how great owning a real estate property is an excellent investment. In this era, you can now purchase items like apartments, houses, villas, and homes in exchange for bitcoins. There are numerous places taking bitcoins for payment. For this reason, you can include your preferred state, country, and a city with the property type you need. Other methods include selling your property or even leasing it to maximally exhaust your bitcoin investment. More properties to explore include townhouse, villa, chalet, and flats.

For more details about cryptos and real estate, you can seek advice from Raffles Credit and other financial consultants plus real estate agents to help give more light concerning the same.


Could you be in need of changing your house furniture or adding new ones? It can be at home or in the office. There are retailers ready to take cryptos in return. Various choices ranging from the dining room, garden, bathroom, and ore other stylish decorations such as the living room consoles, sofa sets, and chairs. Some online retailers provide free shipping. Living room items are armchairs, curtains, bookshelves, throw pillows, console tables, and display shelves. Furniture in the bedroom includes cribs and cradles, dressers, blankets, sheets, mattresses, and beds and headboards. The dining could have chairs and dining tables, whereas the garden may need hammocks and garden wall planters.

Gaming merchandises

Currently, there’s no more visiting physical stores for buying favourite games. Gamers have now gone digital by purchasing video games online. One only needs a few clicks. Major gaming companies are now accepting bitcoins when selling gaming hardware.

Computing and software

A good number of software companies have started allowing clients to pay using bitcoins. The products and services offered are Internet and security services, Webhosting and domain, and cryptocurrency mining. Others include antivirus, screen recorder, internet security, and server software.

Bitcoin trading may seem at the first sound complex, but with time and the vast number of people using it as a payment method, it’s becoming a usual thing. Having more companies and traders accepting and utilizing virtual currency like bitcoins gives customers more shopping flexibility and styles. It gives users an opportunity to join and contribute to the great system that’s being adopted by many in the modern world. While the blog just mentions a few weird things bitcoin can buy, we’ve got more other products that can go in exchange for the same.

They are available in various online and physical stores providing services and products for different clients’ needs. A funny example is your pet’s grooming tools, cleaning, food, toys, and apparel. Yes, bitcoin can buy. More interesting is we have businesses taking bitcoins in exchange for relaxing and luxurious accommodations for you and the pet. In other words, you can purchase pet supplies and accessories plus pet travel accommodation using the bitcoin.

The bottom line

Bitcoin has been there in a decade, ever since its establishment. From that time onwards, it’s a virtual currency being embraced by many people globally. However, before it became firm, its first attempt as a method of trade failed. It never yielded success, especially because other earlier cryptocurrencies didn’t accomplish much. Fortunately, it’s gradually taking the lead by getting adopted by various business sectors despite not being entirely accepted globally. Many people keep wondering if bitcoin can go further into making payment.

This blog contains some of the products sold or bought using bitcoins. More entrepreneurs are getting a better understanding of the new currency, hence accepting it in exchange for their products and services. Other places using bitcoins include institutions, organizations, business companies, and individuals. A part from buying and selling, bitcoins can also be used for investment, remittances, developmental, and humanitarian aid among many more.


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