A look at the top 50 Fintech companies in Europe


The European fintech scene has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years. One of the key drivers of this growth is open banking. This is causing financial institutions and fintechs to partner together to provide more innovative, user-friendly solutions for consumers throughout Europe.

European consumers are receptive to the idea of non-financial players offering financial products, according to EY’s Global FinTech Adoption Index 2019. The survey finds that fintech adoption throughout Europe, especially in countries such as the Netherlands, U.K., Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland, are well above the global average of 64%, and aren’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon.

Below is a list of the top 50 fintech companies in Europe, based on their valuations.

Ranking Company Funding Valuation Country
1 Adyen $266M $22B Netherlands
2 Nexi Public $8.2B Italy
3 Klarna $1.4B $5.5B Sweden
4 Checkout $380M $5.5B U.K.
5 Revolut $917M $5.5B U.K.
6 Transferwise $1.1B $5B U.K.
7 Greensill $1.7B $3.5B U.K.
8 N26 $782.8M $3.5B Germany
9 Oaknorth $1B $2.8B U.K.
10 IZettle €273.2M $2.2B Sweden
11 MetroBank Public $1.92B U.K.
12 Wefox $268.5M $1.65B Germany
13 Funding Circle $746.4M $1.5B U.K.
14 Monzo £384.7M $1.24B U.K.
15 Rapyd $170M $1.2B U.K.
16 Ledger $88M $1.2B France
17 Avaloq CHF350M $1.1B Switzerland
18 Deposit Solutions $198.9M $1.1B Germany
19 Ivalua $134.4M <$1.0B France
20 Sumup $425.6M $1.0B U.K.
21 Radius Payment £150M $1.0B U.K.
22 Numbrs $78.8M $1.0B Switzerland
23 Monese $80.4M $1.0B U.K.
24 Worldremit $407.7M <$900M U.K.
25 Ebury $123.5M >$900M U.K.
26 Oodle Car Finance £160M >$850M U.K.
27 Qonto $151.5M >$770M France
28 Starling Bank £363M >$600M U.K.
29 Atom Bank £429M $590M U.K.
30 Raisin $206M <$550M Germany
31 Tradeplus24 $103.5M >$550M Switzerland
32 Kreditech $347.5M <$500M Germany
33 Pleo $78.8M $500M Denmark
34 Smava $188.7M $500M Germany
35 Tink $205.5M >$500M Sweden
36 Pagantis €76.2M >$400M Spain
37 Gocardless $122.3M >$400M U.K.
38 Wynd $123.5M >$400M France
39 Moneyfarm $127.3M >$400M U.K.
40 Soldo $83.2M >$400M U.K.
41 Ratesetter £43M $360M U.K.
42 solarisBank €155.1M $360M Germany
43 Bitstamp $12.4M $350M U.K.
44 Tinubu Square €79.3M >$350M France
45 Nutmeg $153.6M $318M U.K.
46 Banking Circle N/A $300M Denmark
47 BIMA $170.6M $300M Sweden
48 LendInvest $1.3B >$300M U.K.
49 PayFit $101.1M >$280M France
50 Curve $74.2M $250M U.K.

These companies have raised over $16.8B (€14.3B) in venture capital funding and are valued, collectively, at over $92B (€78B).

The U.K. fintechs are valued at nearly $40B (€34B). The Netherlands are second, all thanks to Ayden, the most valuable fintech in Europe.

The U.K. has also invested the most money, nearly $11B (€9.4B), almost 65% of the funding of these top 50 fintech companies. After the U.K., Germany and Sweden have invested the most with 12.9% ($2.1B / €1.78B) and 12.4% ($2.0B / €1.7B) of the overall funding, respectively.

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