Here’s a New Way to Get Your Stolen Crypto Back


This article informs the reader about the latest techniques on how to get possibly stolen crypto money back – find out what’s been happening in the business of virtual cash transactions. 

Most people that use the Internet can attest to the fact that they have heard of crypto-currencies or crypto wallets. Most will not understand exactly how it works but a sizeable amount of people have begun to adopt these new trends – it would be that they know it from online purchases or even from online betting like at Novoline gratis games or numerous gambling platforms on the World Wide Web. 

A complete knowledge about a system is not a prerequisite to joining the crypto-exchange craze. Most of the transactions involved in the world of crypto-currencies is made easy for any user who knows how to navigate a cell phone app. This ease in transacting unfortunately also causes complacency amongst many users, who more often than not, forget that the Internet is a wilderness and their devices are a portal into that wilderness. 

When buying a crypto currency or receiving funds through crypto mining, you receive a private key and a public key. To state it simply, a private key allows you and only you to be able to access your account. No bank or service provider will know or have the ability to know this key. It is therefore absolutely imperative that the holder of the key be responsible for the security of that key. 

Unfortunately it does happen that people’s private keys get stolen, in which case the thief is then able to send money out of the victim’s wallet. Due to the fact that crypto currencies transcend geographical borders, little or no regulation exists to monitor crime related to the crypto market. So many people who have been victims of crypto theft have been left with very little avenue to report their cases.

According to Pawel Kuskowski, the CEO of blockchain, an investigative firm Coinfirm is quoted as stating that stolen crypto to date amounts to roughly $10 billion. According to their website, Coinfirm has entered into a partnership with Kroll, an intelligence-, investigations- and advisory services firm that is known for its presence in the global security industry. 

Kroll, which is a division of the well known asset recovery firm Duff and Phelps, has extensive experience in the cyber risk space and is trusted by well established companies and governments around the world. Combining that strength will the Coinfirm’s regulatory technology, we now have a new hope in recovering our stolen crypto. 

Because cryptos are generally made so that transactions can be traced, Coinfirm’s initiative with Kroll, which has been dubbed ‘Reclaim Crypto’, seeks to trace the movement of stolen funds and track them as they are moved. Hopefully if the thief is identified and located, measures are taken to reclaim the lost crypto currency. 

 The process of recovery of the funds begins with you sending your email address and the amount to be claimed. Once your case has been approved, you are then quoted and all you now need to do is wait. It’s a comforting fact that Reclaim Crypto gets a piece of the reclaimed funds because it suggests that you will not be the only person hoping for the return of your crypto.

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