AI to play a lead role in the evolving HR story


Artificial intelligence has already become a reality and is significantly changing the existing business operations. The story of HR is no different, where AI is playing a lead role. All those cumbersome hiring processes are being restructured, and the role of HR is going much beyond “just managing human resources”. However, the only question that hurts is, whether our HR executives and managers prepared to embrace this change ?

The advent of AI has given birth to a new wave of re-skilling, which is the need of the hour among the existing workforce. Around 120 million workers in the world’s ten largest economies would require re-skilling in the next few years to utilise the full potential of the AI-driven market, as per IBM predictions. However, a vast populace is still going through a sluggish pace of adapting to AI-based innovations; hence lack confidence and preparedness to adopt them. Many companies are, therefore, failing to bring fruitful results in today’s competitive business scenario. They look for AI, want to invest in it, but somehow fail due to inefficient teams with a scarcity of talent.

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