Alert: Top 5 artificial intelligence stocks to buy at the dip

Investors have realized that major disruptive technologies such as AI have a high chance to thrive in the tech-driven future. Tech companies are focused on creating and manufacturing new innovations with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to raise the standard of living in the global society. Thus, the demand for artificial intelligence stocks is also rising at an increasing rate. Investment in AI stocks can help to gain higher revenue instead of a massive loss because the tech stock market is not highly volatile like the cryptocurrency market.

There are some ups and downs in the artificial intelligence stocks due to the impact on the demand for the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these stocks have the potential to rise in the future despite experiencing a dip. Let’s explore the top 5 AI stocks at the dip, which could rise to big heights in the future.

Top 5 artificial intelligence stocks to buy at the dip


Spunk is one of the tech companies that provide solutions to ensure success in the digital needs of clients. The flexible platform and purpose-built solutions scale with clients as the data and company evolves. Splunk has experienced a dip of -5.8% in its artificial intelligence stock in 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic. But the tech company is expecting a bounce in revenue in the upcoming months owing to the change in the situation. The AI stock at dip showed a downtrend for over six months but it has been in an uptrend since June 2021. Investment in AI stock is lucrative now because the current price of this artificial intelligence stock is US$149.89 with a market cap of US$24.21 billion.


Teladoc Health

Teladoc Health is known as the world’s only integrated virtual care system for delivering and empowering whole-person health. The tech company experienced a dip at the beginning of 2021 and the AI stock showed a downward trend with over 24% in February despite having positive revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020. Investors are expecting positive growth in this artificial intelligence stock with a good performance from the tech company. Teledoc Health expects to reach US$265 million with adjustments in earnings through interests and taxes. The market cap, at the beginning of 2021, was US$42 million but now it is US$22.08 billion with a current price of US$138.67.


Verastem Inc.

Verastem Inc. is known as a biopharmaceutical company that engages in the development and commercialization of drugs to cure cancer. The AI stock at dip was presented due to its capital-raising efforts. Investors are expecting a rise in one of the top artificial intelligence stocks in 2021 because the current price is US$2.99 with a market cap of US$540.47 million. Recently, the investment in the AI stock is lucrative now because the company experienced positive growth owing to its Phase ½ FRAME study in VS-6766 for low-grade serous ovarian cancer.


Twilio Inc.

Twilio has experienced a sharp dip with a plunge ranging from 5.6% to 4.7%. The second quarter showed positive growth in revenue of US$668.90 million with an adjusted loss per share of US$0.11 despite having expectations of yielding US$598.37 million as revenue with a loss per share of US$0.13. Twilio is expanding its customer base and participating in acquisitions with top companies in the tech-driven market. The growing ecosystem of cloud-based communications tools is attracting the eyes of investors in 2021 towards the artificial intelligence stock. Twilio is one of the popular tech companies that provides a cloud-based communication platform to allow developers to operate customer engagement within the software applications across the world. The investment in AI stock is lucrative now because of the current artificial intelligence stock price of US$349 and a market cap of US$61.82 billion.


Pinterest, Inc.

Pinterest is a popular tech company that experienced an AI stock dip recently. The company’s stocks have fallen to 25% in value since July 2021. The dip is anticipated to be a temporary setback for investors with a loss of 24 million users from the previous quarters. There is still a lot of revenue growth to be earned despite having a second-quarter ARPU at an 89% increase. Investors and analysts expect a rise in revenue of 53% to US$2.6 billion in 2021 with a current price of US$54.18 with a market cap of US$34.93 billion.

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