The merits of Bitcoin sportsbooks cannot be overemphasised. Their arrival in the iGaming sector has brought about several innovations, which place them on the list of top crypto betting sites. Some of these include quick withdrawals, anonymous betting, and substantial bonuses up for grabs. 

Given that sportsbooks’ primary selling point is their rich sports market, it was crucial for crypto sportsbooks to take this seriously. Sports betting fans were, however, not let down. Bitcoin sportsbooks now include multiple sports for their players, one of which is American sports. 

Given the meteoric popularity of American sports worldwide, we’ll examine the options available at crypto sports betting sites.


Basketball is one of the most widely bet sports in crypto sportsbooks. Despite the United States’ troubled past with internet betting, basketball has gained widespread acceptance in the sports betting industry. Basketball wagering is a hot commodity at crypto sportsbooks. 

These sportsbooks offer a wide variety of NBA betting options. Additionally, the NBA has its betting markets apart from the universal ones, like the money line, totals, and spread. Professional basketball is a frenzy of pure betting excitement that happens in the blink of an eye. 

This sport at crypto Sportsbooks is perfect for live and prop bets because so much happens in so little time. You can wager on a wide variety of NBA futures. This ranges from who will win the NBA finals to who will lead each conference at the end of the season. Crypto sportsbooks also offer bets like “Who will be the MVP?” and many more. 

American Football

In recent years, the popularity of wagering on the NFL through the Internet has skyrocketed. Therefore, most Bitcoin sportsbooks now accept wagers on NFL games. This sport on crypto sites is exciting because it features high-octane play and deep strategy, much like wagers on rugby. 

This results in a fantastic betting experience, as there are wagering options for punters of all stripes. The familiarity and history between clubs make for good betting opportunities, much like in the NBA.

The NFL, when combined with the Super Bowl, gives players a fantastic betting combination. Better still, crypto sites in Europe appear to be catching up to the possibilities of wagering on more NFL games. This also comes with competitive odds and promotions.


Most crypto sportsbooks have a large variety of popular American sports, including baseball. This is because baseball is among the most rapidly expanding areas of the sports betting industry. 

However, there are many other intriguing facets of this sport on which Bitcoin sportsbooks allow wagers. One of these is baseball’s built-in pauses, which make it an ideal sport for in-play wagering on Major League Baseball. Bitcoin betting sites also offer MLB wagering options like moneyline bets and over/under bets on total runs scored. 

The run line is another betting option. Although some crypto sportsbooks don’t offer live betting or player props, you will still find many others that do. This is a common feature of crypto sites that offer baseball. 

The American sport of baseball has 30 teams and 162 games, which gives players plenty of chances to profit. There are several quality statistics out there that allow players to analyse matches for the best possible wagers. This makes baseball betting profitable and entertaining at crypto sportsbooks. 


Boxing is still considered one of the most popular sports in the United States. Although there has been a decline in its popularity in recent years, Bitcoin sportsbooks still offer this sport. One unique feature of boxing in Bitcoin sportsbooks is the availability of special betting options not common to other sports. 

Boxing doesn’t have a lot of outcomes to bet on. However, it presents players with the possibility of earning a respectable sum. Consequently, the number of decisions that can be made is reduced, giving you higher chances of success. 

Boxing is, in and of itself, an unusual sport in which to place bets. Even though live streaming is not typically offered, Bitcoin boxing betting websites contribute to creating the atmosphere of huge fight nights.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the common pastimes that humans have developed into competitive sports. For this reason, Bitcoin sportsbook sites often feature it with other American sports. Horse racing is exciting, dynamic, and intensely competitive. 

Different divisions exist for each type of horse, race length, and other factors. While hurdles are used in some races, most require the horses to gallop without obstructions. Betting on horse races adds even more excitement to the already thrilling spectacle of watching jockeys gallop and race to win

Bets on horse races, like bets on other track events, are best placed on the winners. Due to the nature of the event, there won’t be a plethora of different wagering options. Bettors at Bitcoin sportsbooks, on the other hand, have the opportunity to wager on outcomes such as “straight wins. 

Here, you can wager on whether a horse or jockey will emerge victorious from a certain race. You can also wager on a horse’s final finishing position in the race by placing “places” or “show” bets. The Straight Win + Each Bet is another choice for those looking for simple bets. 

This novel combination permits betting on the overall race result and the specific spot the horse comes in.


The popularity of American sports betting continues to skyrocket. As a result, Bitcoin sportsbooks ensure that bettors have a plethora of American sports to bet on. This makes the outlook for Bitcoin-based sports betting appear promising. 

Although it seems impossible to foresee its development in the future, there is no doubt it will continue to be a driving force in the future of American sports betting. If you are a player looking for a betting platform with American games, Bitcoin sites are your best option. This is because Bitcoin sportsbooks are among the top crypto betting sites in American sports markets.

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