Analyst unveils Bitcoin (BTC) price target for september 2025 – here’s his forecast
A widely followed crypto strategist is predicting that the next halving event will cause Bitcoin (BTC) to eventually hit six figures for the first time.
The anonymous host of InvestAnswers tells his 444,000 YouTube subscribers that based on historic price action, Bitcoin’s next halving event, which is expected in April 2024, could ignite a more than year-long bull run.
He predicts that Bitcoin will hit $157,279 on September 19th, 2025.
“Imagine a 15,16-month run. What happens if history repeats is the fun part…
You got the September 19, 2025 date, which could be the time of the new all-time high, which is a long way from today, ladies and gentlemen, more than two years. But that price, if we do 2.27 times the previous all-time high, that could take us to $157,279 – a theoretical target of course.”
Bitcoin has soared after previous halving events, which occur every four years. Next year’s Bitcoin halving event will reduce the amount of new BTC entering the market from 6.25 Bitcoin per block to 3.125 Bitcoin per block.
According to the trader, his price target in September 2025 becomes more likely if there is increased institutional adoption such as if BlackRock succeeds in launching an exchange-traded fund (ETF), after filing for approval last week.
“Now, there are some things that are different this time around. Very important to stress.
One, there’s a lot more adoption. Okay, and there’s not that much more supply, and the supply is going to be cramped. And if a big player like we heard all last week about BlackRock, if they jump into the fray, that could make this $157,279 number look very bullish.”
However, the investor warns that if macroeconomic conditions take an unexpected and severe turn for the worse, the halving event may only result in Bitcoin revisiting its previous all-time high.
“But to balance things out, though, there is also the bear case…
If things do get ugly on the macro, global geopolitical front, I do believe, worst-case scenario, we get back to $69,000, which is still very impressive from where we are today. So a little over two and a third years from now could get back to $69,000 and Bitcoin is trading just shy of $27,000 right now. Hard to believe you could have bought it at $25,000 only three days ago.”




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