Announcing the companies participating in TMG’s “FinTech Program: Asia meets Tokyo” accelerator program


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) formulated the “Global Financial City: Tokyo” Vision with the aim  of making Tokyo an unrivalled global financial center by promoting the nurturing of the FinTech industry.  As part of this initiative, we have launched the Tokyo Metropolitan Accelerator Program “FinTech Program: Asia  meets Tokyo” for FinTech startups in Asia, for which we were inviting participants between November 27 and  December 14 of last year.  

As a result of these efforts, we are pleased to announce that we have received applications from 52 companies  from 9 different countries and regions in Asia. From these, we have selected 8 FinTech startups, listed below, to  participate in the program, in which they will pitch their business plans, receive mentoring, and take part in other  business matching activities. 

  1. Overview of Business Plan Pitch Event  

Format: Streamed online (available on-demand via YouTube)  

Date and Time: Available for viewing from Monday, January 18, 2021 at 2:00 PM,  until Monday, January 25, 2021 at 11:59 PM  

Target: Investors and companies in Tokyo, and those interested in the program  How to view: Reservation is required prior to the event 

Please register at the URL below, and the URL of the event hosting site will  

be emailed later 

Speakers: KOIKE Yuriko, Governor of Tokyo  

 Mr. MATSUMOTO Oki, Monex Group, Inc. Chairman& CEO   Selected FinTech startups (8 companies)  

 Ms. YONEOKA Waki, Managing Director Japan at Moneythor  Language: Japanese and English (with subtitles)  

 (Details are available on the attached document)  

  1. Overview of selected FinTech startups(alphabetical order)  

*If you would like a business matching with any of the below companies, please attend the  Business Plan Pitch Event 

Company Name  Country /  Region  Primary Service 

AIDA Technologies Singapore 

AIZEN Asia Pacific Singapore 

Allinfra Ventures Limited Hong  Kong  

CoverGo Hong  Kong  

IBSFINtech India Pvt Ltd. India  

Intensel Hong  

Kong Singapore 

Digital solutions for insurance operations that utilize artificial  intelligence and machine learning, which contributes to  improving the profitability of insurance companies by detecting  fraudulent claims and overclaims in health insurance, and  automating underwriting and agency management.  

A new credit scoring system through a multi-dimensional AI  model that utilizes alternative data such as purchase data , which  contributes to diversification of financing methods and  improvement of credit risk.  

Helps to mitigate the risks associated with green investment,  using a blockchain-based environmental platform to improve  financial positions and ESG scores.  

Services that realize fast development of new functions and  workflow reforms for the digitization of all insurance business including contract management, billing, and new product sales,  using a highly flexible insurance platform equipped with more  than 500 APIs.  

Comprehensive risk management solutions to effectively  manage information on FX, finance, and trade finance, and  enhance the global operations of group companies.  

Cloud-based SaaS solutions that can analyze climate risks  related to client companies’ assets using dynamic climate  models, satellite data, and high-accuracy financial models.  

Inexpensive, highly flexible custom map solutions utilizing  company data that can be used for transportation, logistics,  smart city related business, etc. 


Tookitaki  Singapore AML analysis solutions via a unique machine learning model  that automatically selects risk indicators from ever-changing  customer behavior and detects suspicious transactions without  using personal information or setting specific thresholds. 

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