Apple Pay integrated with WL Payments to serve merchants across the world

WL Payments, the trusted white-labelled global payments platform that consolidates multiple features like transaction routing and reconciliation, brings its customers Apple Pay. Apple Pay is now part of WL Payments Hosted Payment Page, which provides one-click integration for online merchants using a WL Payments partner as their payments provider. With Apple Pay on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac, customers can make fast and convenient purchases through the payment pages of our clients’ merchants. Consumers using Apple Pay can complete an online purchase quickly by using biometrics, such as a fingerprint or a face scan.

The integration means online purchases can be made via express checkout on Apple Pay, especially relevant considering the significant rise in e-commerce purchases due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“We are thrilled to announce Apple Pay is here for all WL Payments partners,” said Sunil Jhamb, CEO of WL Payments.

“WL Payments’ Platform integration with Apple Pay is a magnificent addition to WL Payments’ unique payments platform. It superbly compliments WL Payments’ commitment to simplify payments and increase merchant success ratios. We keep on enabling even more ways for customers to pay with one of the most rewarding and feature-packed payments platforms on the market.” added Jhamb.

“We have seen a dramatic change in consumers moving online for shopping. Looking at the consumer demands in online payments, it is important to be able to deploy secure, user-friendly options quickly at the online checkout, like Apple Pay. Being agile in payments is one of the ways payment companies can gain an edge in an increasingly competitive market. And we will make sure that WL Payments will help them with that.” said Lennard Sigling, CMO of WL Payments

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