Ascertia releases ADSS ePassport Server for electronic machine-readable travel document validation


Ascertia, the leading authority in PKI and digital signatures, has released ADSS ePassport Server, bolstering the capability of its Trust Services Platform and providing global governments with a trust infrastructure compliant to the very latest standards from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the European Union.

Ascertia ADSS ePassport Server supports the issuance of ICAO compliant certificates that enable Passive Authentication, the core security mechanism used to validate the integrity and authenticity of electronic machine-readable travel documents in support of Basic Access Control (BAC).


Ascertia’s solution also offers a comprehensive Extended Access Control (EAC) offering, compliant to the latest EU standards from the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany. Extended Access Control provides countries with the ability to control who can access biometrics stored on electronic machine-readable travel documents.

Ascertia ADSS ePassport Server ensures governments can:

  • Secure their borders with confidence
  • Comply with the latest international standards
  • Protect citizen information
  • Rapidly validate a document holder’s identity on arrival
  • Fully automate the secure distribution of materials needed for travel document validation

Ascertia CTO, Mike Hathaway, said: “Ascertia continues to enhance our highly interoperable Trust Services Platform with multiple use cases. Ascertia is the only company in the world providing a platform capable of issuing and managing certificates from its own infrastructure, as well as from every leading PKI platform, for certificate issuance, digital signature and signature validation.”

Ascertia is a world leader in high-trust digital signature solutions, PKI and certificate validation products. Other Ascertia products include ADSS Signing Server, its PAdES, XAdES and CAdES signing engine that delivers a broad selection of trust services via its flexible, scalable modular design, and ADSS Server SAM Appliance offering seamless Remote Qualified Signature creation capabilities and an unrivalled user experience.

Alongside its PKI products, Ascertia is known for SigningHub, its e-signature platform delivering secure, standards-based digital signatures. SigningHub is available via public, private or hybrid cloud.

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