Aussie innovators Yieldbroker turns trading AI-driven


Yieldbroker, the leading Tier 1 licensed electronic trading platform for Australian and New Zealand debt securities and derivatives, today announced a collaboration with Sisense to use its AI-driven interactive data visualisation capabilities for Yieldbroker’s new data and analytics product, “YBEdge”.
Yieldbroker’s unique dealer and client marketplace (D2D and D2C) has been the dominant electronic trading platform for Australian and New Zealand debt securities for over 20 years.
The continued focus on providing technology to assist with clients’ trading efficiencies has been the hallmark of Yieldbroker’s success. Now it is looking at the Sisense partnership to provide clients with more intuitive ways to analyse the Yieldbroker data and analytics with advanced data visualization.
The platform will provide enhanced data and analytics to the existing Yieldbroker trade file series, as well as new client-specific interactive dashboards and market performance metrics.
Emily Turner, Head of Market Data and Projects at Yieldbroker, says “The company was looking for a solution that helped us work with our unique data assets to deliver bespoke insights aligned to our varying types of customers and their ever-growing use cases and data needs.
Yieldbroker also perceived significant value could be added with the AI-assisted technology as a way to help its clients with more intuitive views and second-order analysis.
“Using machine learning AI helps us work through producing deeper insights that our clients will benefit greatly from.” Emily added.

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