The global adoption rate of FinTech products in 2020 was 64%, and it is only going up from there. Experts believe the FinTech market size to reach $310 billion by 2022. However, that comes as no surprise, as 64% of millennial banking customers have considered leaving their primary financial institution in the last year alone.

With options like Braintree (PayPal’s commerce platform), Acorns, Gravity Payments, Wise, and plenty of other big-name companies offering much better rates and business solutions than financial institutions, you can see the appeal. If you want to become a contender in the FinTech world, reaching your early adapters and securing your business in the jigsaw puzzle that is the growing FinTech market, you need to attend FinTech Conferences. Here are the best FinTech conferences for exhibitors in 2022:  


The Nexus conference is on February 7th and 8th in Miami, Florida. This conference will be the first in-person FinTech event for exhibitors for 2022. Nexus is the perfect opportunity for you and your company to showcase your custom tent and make long-lasting connections. The Nexus conference is a great event for FinTech movers and shakers to pitch, partner, and get deals done with other industry aficionados. 

MGS FinTech

The MGS FinTech conference is leading the way in mobile innovation. This conference is happening in San Francisco, California, close to one of the biggest startup meccas in the world. You don’t want to miss the west coast’s biggest FinTech symposium, happening on February 17th, 2022. 

InsurTech NY 2022 Spring Conference

The InsurTech NY 2022 Spring conference is another of the best FinTech events for exhibitors this year. On March 7th, 2022, insurance carriers and InsurTech leaders will meet in the Big Apple to network and forge a bond between these important industries.

AI in Finance Summit

AI and machine learning tools are infiltrating nearly every industry. Therefore, it makes sense that Artificial Intelligence would be influential in FinTech. Come to the AI in Finance Summit in New York City on April 21st and 22, 2022, learn how AI and machine learning tools advance FinTech capabilities.

DeFi Retreat

Cybersecurity is taking a cruise throughout San Diego Harbor this summer, on May 3rd, 2022. This retreat will be uniting the hottest names and companies in cybersecurity, from W3BCLOUD to Experian. Only 175 attendants will have this unique opportunity. The intimacy of this event will help solidify relationships and offer exclusivity through closed-door panels, surrounded by a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Banking and FinTech Innovation Roundtable

The Banking and FinTech Innovation Roundtable is the perfect epicenter for professionals interested in getting to the heart of what is trending in the FinTech world. As part of the New York FinTech Week, this conference aims to bring the brightest minds in banking and FinTech to the same table. That way, doors can open, and connections can occur so that the industry can work together to optimize the drive safely and efficiently.

Finovate Spring

In San Francisco, California, Finovate Spring, on May 18th and 20th, 2022, is all about innovation and moving into the future. A lot has happened throughout the world in the last few years, and now that it is possible to meet face-to-face again, the FinTech industry faces new challenges. Finovate Spring is a chance for FinTech innovators to share, explore, and collaborate on new ideas that will help bring us into the future.  

Money 20/20 USA

The Money 20/20 USA conference gets hailed as the biggest conversation in FinTech. This event is happening between October 23rd through October 26th, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nevada. With 8,000+ people from 3,000+ companies attending in 2021, collaborators expect this event to be even more epic in 2022.

Anyone who wants an in-depth immersion into the FinTech industry should become an exhibitor if only for the massive amount of interest and inclusion this event offers. If you are a major player in the FinTech realm or aspire to be, you need to appear at some or all of the best FinTech Conferences for Exhibitors in 2022. The networking capabilities for business in this fast-paced, ever-growing FinTech world are opportunities you cannot afford to miss.

Forinvest 2022

Forinvest is Spain’s biggest finance and networking event. It is a combined forum and trade fair that brings together the most e xtensive offering related to the world of Finance, from Financial Products and Services, Investments and Insurance to Technology-based solutions
for the industry. Forinvest includes a comprehensive trade exhibition and an extensive programme of educational initiative.

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