Bigle Legal, winners of the acceleration program of the Legal Tech Hub Vienna.


Two brothers from Barcelona are transforming the legal sector in
Europe. Both having worked as legal professionals in their careers, they
decided to put an end to having to spend countless hours in paperwork
and use technology to their advantage.

Bigle Legal is a document automation software that was created to be used by
businesses that seek an efficient and structured way to create documents and
eliminate the use of paper.

Bigle Legal solves a global issue in every company. Alejandro Esteve de Miguel, the
Co-founder & CEO of Bigle Legal, says: “The process of creating documents by
drafting from scratch or by copy/pasting templates is time-consuming and allows for
human error. With our software, the creation of documents is 20 times faster and at
the same time, error-free, and that brings huge savings and peace of mind to our

Bigle Legal was selected by the Legal Tech Hub Vienna in September 2019 to
participate in a 4 months acceleration program. In this program, Bigle Legal met the
largest law firms and legal players in Austria. Both Dorda and Eisenberger & Herzog,
two of the most reputable law firms in Austria initiated a pilot testing of the Document
Automation Software of Bigle Legal and reported back positively and considered it to
be a success. Not only did Bigle Legal impress the audience, but they also made
sure to report every piece of feedback back to their developers to enhance the
software and the experience of using the software even more.

On one hand, Bigle Legal adapted the platform for its use in the DACH market. While
on the other hand, the law firms experienced an improvement in the legal practice by
automating some repetitive tasks of drafting some kinds of documents. They were all
able to easily set it up to their specific situations, they even managed to automate
their own documents and contracts in no time with the help of Bigle Legal software.
Fast forward to the 29th of January, where the acceleration program ended with a
demo day in which the assigned jury had to select the winner of the program. Bigle
Legal was selected to be the winner of the Jury vote and was awarded the 1st prize
by the LTHV, which consisted of $15,000. The jury that voted for the winner was
made of major legal representatives, senior lawyers and legal tech influencers in
Vienna and in Europe.

“The potential that was identified in Bigle Legal during the LTHV Accelerator
Program is huge, and that is why they deserved the jury’s award” – Clemens
Lanschützer, Partner at Eisenberger & Herzog.
Sergio Esteve de Miguel, Co-founder, and CMO of Bigle Legal says: “The success
case at the LTHV tells us that there is a huge opportunity of our software
internationally. The next step is to expand further into the DACH market and
continue to give law professionals the automation superpowers that they deserve.”

Bigle Legal:
Phone number: +34 931 22 19 56
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