Blue Horizon Ventures invest EUR 5M in CUBIQ FOODS


The European venture capital fund, Blue Horizon Ventures (BHV), a leading global investor in Food Tech, joins Moira Capital Partners SGEIC, with a contribution of 5 million Euros (USD 5.4M, GBP 4.4M) to CUBIQ FOODS the Spanish healthy fat innovators.

Blue Horizon Ventures specializes in the sustainable food sector, focused on food technology that promotes a positive global impact on the environment, human health and animal rights. The BHV investment allows to accelerate the production of CUBIQ FOODS omega-3 healthy fats, based on cellular systems and the industrial development of healthier and novel fat replacers.

CUBIQ FOODS is the first cultivated fat cell platform to produce high-quality omega-3’s. Dr. Raquel Revilla and the entrepreneurs Andrés Montefeltro and Jordi Bladé started the Barcelona-based company in 2018.

Two new CUBIQ FOODS products will be commercially available to domestic and international markets later this year.

CUBIQ FOODS vegan SMART FAT offers a full flavour profile with fewer calories and less saturated fats. Vegan SMART FAT is a sustainable emulsion, with 100 percent natural ingredients. The function of SMART FAT is to replace animal fats in processed meat products, dairy derivatives and saturated vegetable fats (such as coconut oil) in vegan food products.

CUBIQ FOODS micro03 is a new-generation of microencapsulated omega-3 for ‘functional foods’ with high omega-3 content. Multilayer microencapsulation protects the highly concentrated essential oils, maintaining their properties without any of the fish flavours. This can help food manufacturers to deliver doctor recommended daily amounts of omega-3 into new, affordable products to support optimal health, particularly cardiovascular and the central nervous system.

Andrés Montefeltro, CEO and co-founder of CUBIQ FOODS says; “Sustainable omega-3 and vegan healthier fats inspire our team and partners. We are ready to deliver a new generation of nutritious, healthy and accessible products at industrial scale by the end of this year.”

The values of Blue Horizon Ventures closely align with the mission of CUBIQ FOODS; to promote a positive evolution in the food chain. BHV is part of the global ecosystem in ‘new nutrition’; and CUBIQ FOODS joins their portfolio of plant-based, microalgae, synthetic biology and next-generation compostable packaging pioneers.

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