Tallinn, Estonia – Bondstream™ is proud to announce its nomination for the esteemed 2023 Go Global Awards, hosted by the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation.

The disruptive Estonian B2B fintech allows for daily reconciliation of investments and associated impact on fees in real-time. Bondstream™ fills the gap between CRM systems, excel, and Bloomberg, by managing channel relationships and essential product information for financial product information for financial products include cap stack for listed securities as well as mutual funds.

The integration and data integrity create a unique solution for product providers while also attracting and retaining distribution relationships. Since acquisition costs are high, customers will receive competitive edge on transparency and timely reporting of information to distribution channels.

While discussing Bondstream™, advisor Lisa Short, says:

“Capital markets and the financial services which support them are rapidly increasing into a new ecosystem driven by fintech that connects seamlessly and autonomously the needs of multi-asset offerings, issuers, and investors in a transparent and authenticated way. Being able to meet increased regulatory demands but also have visibility of reconciliation between sales, channel managers and payments as well as automatic document verification – all in real time – is a game changing solution that Bondstream™ has really nailed. 

The implementation of blockchain facilitates digital signing of documents with verification of authenticity and absolute certainty. The technology provides the world’s first EU eIDAS’ accredited blockchain technology and is used widely by both European governments and the US Department of Defence. Bondstream™ combines the rigour of authenticity, ease of use of sales and customer-relations systems and the functionality of a securities settlement system into one coordinated flow of information. A critical tool to stay competitive, integrate to market providers, book build, and make data driven investment decisions based on valuation models with real time ecosystem analytics.

The nomination of Bondstream™ for the highly regarded GoGlobal Awards is testament to its market positioning and superiority. A single dashboard removes the noise and focuses clearly on the transparency, value, and authenticity of transactions that investors and issuers demand.”

 The nomination for the Go Global Awards underscores the commitment to excellence, innovation, and fostering international collaboration. As a contender for this prestigious award, Bondstream looks forward to further expanding its global footprint and showcasing its exceptional products and services to a worldwide audience.

The Go Global Awards are a prominent international event, judged by government officials from over 28 countries alongside influential industry leaders across a spectrum of industries. The Awards attract companies from around the globe, celebrating their accomplishments and fostering global business connections. The shortlisting process will take place on the 15th of July 2023, and the finalist rounds are scheduled from the 6th to the 8th of November 2023 in Providence, Rhode Island.

The event will be hosted by the Secretary of Commerce of Rhode Island, Elizabeth M. Tanner, who will preside over a series of events, including in-person judging, panel discussions, B2B meetings, and a gala dinner to honour the participants.

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About the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation:

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation is the official economic development organization for the state of Rhode Island – a quasi-public agency responsible for promoting economic growth, fostering innovation, and creating jobs within the state. The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation works closely with public, private, and non-profit partners to meet the needs of businesses, entrepreneurs, and residents, delivering exceptional results and ensuring a prosperous future for the state of Rhode Island.

About Bondstream™:

Bondstream is a proprietary B2B Fintech platform, recognised as the Global 100 award-winning solution, filling the gap between CRM systems, Excel, and Bloomberg. Designed for issuers in the securities market, the cutting-edge technology improves efficiency of cap table management and distribution channel support. With real-time reconciliation of investments and fees, the platform empowers investors and issuers to make informed decisions while ensuring transparency, security, and regulatory compliance.

For more information on the award-winning solution and how to improve the efficiency of cap table management and distribution channel support, please contact:

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