Brookstone Capital Management partners with SmartAsset to boost investor prospecting for its n​etwork of independent registered investment advisors


SmartAsset, the largest independent marketplace connecting consumers to financial advisors, and Brookstone Capital Management (BCM), a leading SEC-Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm providing fee-based asset management services, today announced a strategic partnership to bolster the marketing solutions that BCM Independent Advisor Representatives have access to. BCM’s network of 1,000+ independent financial advisors doing business in all 50 states can now utilize SmartAsset’s SmartAdvisor platform to augment customer acquisition operations.

Brookstone Capital Management (BCM) (@brookstonecm) partners w/ SmartAsset (@smartasset) to boost investor prospecting for BCM Independent Advisor Representatives.

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“It’s really great to have Brookstone Capital Management as a national partner and our team is looking forward to facilitating their client acquisition growth through SmartAdvisor,” says Dave Frisone, Chief Revenue Officer, SmartAsset. “By leveraging our industry-proven SmartAdvisor platform, BCM-affiliated advisors now have access to the leading consumer prospecting and AUM-driving growth machine in America.”

“Our singular goal at Brookstone has always been to help our network of Advisors grow their businesses,” says Darryl Ronconi, President at Brookstone Capital Management. “One of the ways to do that is with consistent lead generation. Partnering with SmartAdvisor is another way we can provide best-in-class service to our Advisors across the country.”

BCM Independent Advisor Representatives will also have the opportunity to utilize SmartAsset’s ‘Live Connections’ service. Exclusively available to advisors on SmartAsset’s SmartAdvisor platform, Live Connections delivers high-intent, validated consumer prospects via a warm phone transfer to RIAs and firms that meets today’s on-demand economy. Live Connections reduces advisors’ marketing burden by eliminating the time they spend prospecting, contacting and following up with consumers. In solving a key pain point for advisors – growing AUM while maximizing time spent with clients – SmartAdvisor and Live Connections have positively disrupted the wealth management industry for client acquisition and AUM growth.

SmartAsset matches investors who are searching for financial advice with fiduciary financial advisors, who can select the geography and asset tier of prospects that they choose to work with. Propelled by the launch of Live Connections, SmartAdvisor has seen 100% growth in referred assets. In April 2021, referred assets that flowed through SmartAdvisor were more than $35 billion. In addition, the amount of closed investable assets for advisors on SmartAdvisor increased from $5 billion in 2019 to $10 billion in 2020 and is tracking for $20 billion in 2021. SmartAsset’s goal is to refer $100 billion in new, closed AUM to SmartAdvisor advisors by 2024.

Reaching more than 100 million people each month, SmartAsset is the leading resource for financial advice. The average SmartAdvisor investor is about 57 years old, has investable assets of $890,000 and 76% reported that they do not currently have an advisor. Approximately 70% are retired or less than 10 years away from retirement. Given the vast size of SmartAsset’s audience, the SmartAdvisor platform and Live Connections service are meaningfully changing how financial advisors approach marketing, business development and lead generation in the digital age.

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