Carro’s myTukar pioneers digitalization of used car industry with computer vision, AI and machine learning

Innovative myTukar AI pioneers AI-driven Car Defect Detection and Car PlateMasking system in SouthEast Asia

●3-secondCar Defect Detection and Car Plate Maskingfeatures speed up carinspection process by up to 20%, reduces human error by up to 80%

●Successfully developed and deployed into actual business operations by myTukar’sin-house Data Science team using Amazon WebServices (AWS)

●myTukar AI strengthens trust and increases transparency of car inspection processto benefit customers


myTukar Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s technology-enabledused car trading platform today announced the successful deployment of its pioneering AI-driven Car Defect Detection system and Car Plate Masking, which was built on Amazon WebServices (AWS). The proprietary autonomous vehicle inspection technology, known asmyTukar AI, uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms powered by acombination of Amazon Rekognition and Amazon SageMaker.Amazon Rekognition is a cloud-based computer vision servicethat makes it easy to analyseimages and videosusing proven, highly scalable, deep learning technology.
Amazon SageMaker is afully managed service that provides every developer and data scientist with the ability to easily build,train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models quickly.The innovativemyTukar AItechnology, which is a pioneer in SouthEast Asia, automates andstandardizes car inspection and uses AI to detect car defects such as dents, scratches andpaint deterioration, while eliminating human error by up to 80%.

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