Catalyst Blockchain Platform launches Blockchain Adoption Program

Build enterprise-grade blockchain networks with high automation and guaranteed uptimes

Catalyst Blockchain Platform has officially launched its Blockchain Adoption Program for innovation labs, research institutes, and accelerators. From today, organizations at the forefront of innovation can enroll to receive special commercial terms for the use of the platform. Collaborating innovators benefit from a 30% discount and an additional free month on the most complete blockchain management solution available.
Catalyst Blockchain Platform is a comprehensive solution, allowing anyone to build, deploy, and maintain blockchain networks anapplications easily, code-free. Catalyst Blockchain Platform is developed by IntellectEU, a global leader in distributed finance and emerging technologies.
“By collaborating with other organizations, we are pursuing a central goal: spreading blockchain adoption. We believe that blockchain technology has a crucial role to play in the future of business, finance, and application development. That is why we are excited to offer our expertise to more organizations and to guide them in the discovery of what is possible,” said Yana Koldra, Head of Product Management, IntellectEU.
To enroll in the adoption program, visit
Catalyst abstracts away and automates complex processes for different types of blockchain network configurations, protocols, and infrastructures. The platform is cloud-agnostic, preventing vendor lock-in, and can be deployed on-premises or using blockchain-as-a-service managed infrastructure. The intuitive user interface allows for a smooth management process, even for non-technical users.

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