ChatGPT has been the talk of the crypto community for quite some time now. Although we are unsure about how beneficial AI technology can be for trading, in the long run, it hasn’t stopped investors from rushing to ChatGPT to see if it can give them an edge.
While there is plenty of AI technology out there the internet at the moment is obsessed with ChatGPT and using it to try and get an edge on the market. The only issue here is that ChatGPT does not make predictions. If you ask it straight up to make a crypto prediction it will warn you that it cannot tell the future and also let you know that the crypto market especially is very hard to predict.
However, the internet always finds a way. Inspired by the iPhone’s jailbreak version, users managed to find a way around ChatGPTs restrictions and get it to make predictions. In this case, when you question the AI technology it will give you its standard answer, and a jailbreak answer below that in this case will give you a price prediction for a crypto.
The way you access jailbreak will change as the AI technology will update but the best way we find is to give it a hypothetical like it is a character starring in a movie that is an expert on crypto and his client asks him for advice on a particular currency. You can find the best ways to bypass ChatGPT’s restrictions online but this is what we went with.
The results were very interesting and in particular, it thought these 7 cryptos would explode in 2023

AiDoge- The New King of Meme Coins


While everyone in the crypto community seems to be looking at ChatGPT for their AI fix there is a coin going through presale that already utilizes it in their crypto project. AiDoge (Ai), which has just surpassed $ 9.5 million raised in its presale, will also be the first meme-to-earn platform.
Users will be able to earn native currency by making memes with the help of AI technology. It is a genius idea that has whales flocking towards the presale and we can see why ChatGPT thinks it will explode in 2023 because it basically has already.

Spongebob Token- The successor to Pepe Coin

The meme coins have taken over the crypto world thanks to projects like AiDoge but also Pepe coin (PEPE) the overnight sensation came from nowhere and pumped so much that it made its investors rich overnight. Now everyone is searching for the next PEPE.
ChatGPT seems to think that it will be Spongebob Token ($SPONGE) and we agree. The meme is one so popular with the internet and crypto culture that we cannot believe nobody has used it before now. $SPONGE also represents a great buy low spot so we think that’s why the AI technology predicts it will explode.

Ecoterra- ChatGPT loves its potential to be the no1 green crypto


Green cryptos are going to get more and more popular with impending regulations but Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) is a level above the competition because of its real-life benefits to the environment. Through reverse vending machines, they will reward people with recycling with native currency.
Businesses will be encouraged to purchase their own while individuals will be able to use the machines in partner supermarkets. The presale is closing in on $4 million raised and ChatGPT thinks it will pump once the CEX listings begin.

yPredict- Another project using AI to beat the market

ChatGPT seems to understand the market loves projects that utilize AI technology and that makes sense when you look at yPredict’s (YPRED) potential. The idea of the platform is to help traders get an advantage again. There are too many smart algorithms out there so if you can’t beat them join them right?
On the yPredict platform, there will be the best AI/ML experts, financial quants, and traders. The platform will incentify them to share their work on their platform for their users so they can get an edge on the market. The presale is just beginning to take off so YPRED is still available at a good price.

DeeLance- ChatGPT likes the innovation behind this platform token

ChatGPT seems to love a project that is original and innovative and that is exactly what DeeLance (DLANCE) is. The project aims to solve a problem and that’s connecting employers and freelancers in a more streamlined way. Through a decentralized platform and Web 3.0 technology they will make this a possibility.
By using a peer-to-peer payment system they can charge fees much lower than Web 2.0 legacy sites and an escrow system will make sure that there will no longer be problems with payment for work on either side. An innovative NFT token ownership model will also revolutionize how we define ownership of work. An idea ChatGPT seems to think will attract lots of freelancers and employers.

Launchpad xyz- Making Web 3.0 technology accessible to everyone

While ChatGPT seems to be fond of projects that are heavy in Web 3.0 and AI technologies, one of its recommendations is a project that helps bridge the gap between these and the everyday person. Launchpad xyz (LPX) is that project.
They understand how Web 3.0 technology can be daunting for most and with so many new projects popping up their platform aims to give investors the best tools to understand both how Web 3.0 works and also the best projects to invest in that use the technology. This will likely only grow in popularity the more widely adopted Web 3.0 is in everyday life.

Shiba Inu- ChatGPT thinks the meme coin might bounce back

While not as strong as the first 6 projects, ChatGPT thinks Shiba Inu (SHIB) also has the chance to explode in 2023. The meme coin which for so long was number 2 in the sector has had a tough month as investors flock to other meme coins.
However this could be a buy-low spot, the inventors have shown commitment to growing the ecosystem this year with Shibarium and other innovations. It is a low-risk high-reward option so we think this is why ChatGPT recommends it.


To conclude, we cannot guarantee that ChatGPT will be accurate with its prediction but when we use the jailbreak function it does seem to be quite bullish on the cryptos in this piece. What makes us trust this more is all these projects have genuine chances to pump with some great project ideas, especially the ones going through presale. Invest at your own risk but there are great opportunities here.




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