China: Zhejiang University International Business School launches FinTech thought leaders webinar series


Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) is launching a new webinar series to bring together FinTech thought leaders to discuss global trends, the latest technology-enabled business models, the application of financial innovation in developing and developed economies and the related regulatory challenges and opportunities for a rapidly maturing and constantly evolving FinTech industry.

The series will launch on Wednesday 13th May at 21:30 DC time (14th May at 9:30 Beijing time). The first webinar “Tech Innovation for FinTech, SME and Women Empowerment” will be presented by Lesly Goh, Senior Technology Advisor and former CTO of the World Bank Group and chaired by Dr. Hung-Yi Chen, Assistant Professor and Academic Director, Master of Finance (FinTech) at ZIBS.

Dr. BEN Shenglin, Dean of ZIBS is invited as a special discussant together with Jie Hu, Bilingual TV Presenter at Zhejiang TV station and Hejuan Zhao, CEO of TMTPost Group.

Each webinar will invite FinTech experts including academics, industry practitioners, policymakers, regulators and business leaders for a keynote speech, live discussion and Q&A. The objective is to provide a dynamic environment to present and to enable engaged interaction, learning, exchanges and networking to deepen the understanding of FinTech.

Dr. BEN Shenglin, Professor and Dean of ZIBS, said: “We are delighted to launch this webinar series against the global backdrop of fight against coved-19, through which Fintech solutions such as contactless payments have proven to be an important tool in both China and abroad. At the global Fintech heartland, ZIBS is uniquely positioned to bring the leading experts to you, sharing their insights as well as best and latest practices across the globe.”.

Dr. Hung-Yi Chen, Assistant Professor and Academic Director, Master of Finance (FinTech) at ZIBS, stated: “The webinar series brings together FinTech thought leaders from around the world to forge a cutting-edge, multidisciplinery and collaborative knowledge hub designed to capitalise on industry and academic knowledge, providing the opportunity to share learning, transfer knowledge and leverage our collective network to tackle emerging challenges and find practical solutions for FinTech.”

FinTech Thought Leaders Webinar Series is available to everyone. Registration for the webinar series is free. To learn more and register, visit

For webinar updates, visit

Should you have any queries, please contact Dr. Hung-Yi Chen (email:, Assistant Professor and Academic Director, Master of Finance (FinTech) at ZIBS.

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