CIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT) and FRONTSTEPS today announced an expanded partnership to simplify payments for homeowners in community associations. FRONTSTEPS Pay, a market-leading online payment service, is now available to all CIT Community Association Banking clients. Additionally, CIT will waive ACH costs so homeowners can pay online for free.

 “We’re pleased to enhance our long-standing collaboration with FRONTSTEPS. Both companies understand that clients need easier processes and that banking is core to running their business,” said Alan DeTata, president of Community Association Banking for CIT. “With our innovative integrations, we’re committed to delivering customized, efficient services that ensure a more streamlined banking experience.”

 CIT’s C-Vendor Pay solution is also now integrated and supported for all CIT and FRONTSTEPS Accounting (Caliber) clients. C-VendorPay increases efficiencies in the payment process by eliminating the manual work involved in processing invoices. With C-Vendor Pay, clients can automate all invoice payments with a single file upload, set up workflows and approvals to mirror their existing processes, and receive email approvals for a more consistent streamlined process. The system also remembers previously coded invoices, removing the need to re-enter information for each invoice payment. The process is configured to the client’s business and offers multiple payment options such as ACH, check and virtual card.

 “We are excited to welcome CIT clients to the FRONTSTEPS payments platform,” said Jamie Clymer, FRONTSTEPS chief executive officer, “Homeowners will enjoy a highly-refined and streamlined payment experience with features such as ‘flexible payment amounts’ and automatic cancellation of recurring payments when they move. These experiences are only delivered through FRONTSTEPS and enhanced by our close partnership with CIT.” 

 CIT’s Community Association Banking business is a national leader in association banking services, including certificates of deposit, money market accounts, and a variety of digital payments solutions, supported by the expertise of CIT’s Treasury and Payment Services business.

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