Crypto exchange opens offering insured custody for traders and investors


Australia’s latest crypto exchange and broker launched at Barangaroo today. Mine Digital CEO, Grant Colthup, believes Mine Digital will set a new standard in the Australian cryptocurrency market.

“There is interest in cryptocurrencies as a new asset, however, there are continuing concerns about the secure storage of these assets. Given the institutional pedigree of the team and advisors, we wanted to make sure our offering matched our aspirations. As a result, we decided to partner with market leading digital asset platform provider BC Group. The BC Group relationship provides best-in-class exchange technology in ANXONE and access to OSL, Asia’s leading digital asset broker. By leveraging BC Group’s products and services, we’ll be able to offer users insured custody, access to market leading trading solutions, global liquidity and competitive fees. We believe that our venue should resonate with serious traders and investors who are seeking diversification away from traditional markets and their historically low levels of volatility.

“Our longer-term aim is to become a significant contributor in the APAC landscape as we bring more services to market in 2019/20. Many of the leading crypto-to-crypto exchanges originated out of the APAC region, but in terms of compliant/regulated crypto-fiat venues, the region still lags North America and Europe. We want to fill that gap,” said Mr Colthup.

Initially, Mine Digital will offer AUD, USD and USDT pairs across the Top 5 crypto currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Over the next 12 months Mine Digital has an ambitious roadmap, with plans to roll out derivatives (retail and institutional traders), expand its list of currencies, and develop a professional trading academy that will focus on providing education to aspiring traders. “Our team has extensive experience in trading and are passionate about markets. We benefited from some exceptional mentors and are keen to help promote a new wave of risk takers. We have several promising potential partnerships in this space and are excited about future developments,” said Mr Colthup.

In August, Mine was accepted as a Member Firm of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) across all classes of Securities (traditional and digital). Matt Starkey, Mine Digital COO notes “this strategic partnership with a world leading digital security exchange further enhances Mines’ capability. GSX membership gives Mine Digital the ability to attract, promote and raise capital for a wide variety of digital funds and securities”.

The Mine Digital executive team is backed by a first-class advisory board. The broader Mine team has over 100 years of deep financial market experience covering major asset classes, and most instrument types (from spot FX to exotic interest rate swaps) in global Banks and Investment Banks, Insurers, Hedge Funds and Trading firms.

“We believe that Mine Digital is your gateway to the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets. Mine represents the intersection of blockchain, technology and cryptocurrencies with traditional financial market knowledge. We want to make risk-managed crypto readily accessible, with secure infrastructure, to a variety of investors, including individuals, professional fund managers, and SMSFs. The Mine team applies its accumulated knowledge and expertise to deliver value to our clients,” said Mr Colthup.

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