Crypto Investment fund Iconium spearheads push for decentralized internet

From the Metaverse to NFTs, the leading crypto company supports industry-changing blockchain and crypto projects

Iconium, a crypto investment fund specializing in digital assets and projects promoting decentralization, spearheads the effort to support the infrastructure of Web3.0. Led by industry veterans, Iconium leverages its vast network of industry experts to support innovative blockchain projects.

Cryptocurrencies are not just the beginning frontier in the new age of the decentralized internet but also a pillar of the financial revolution. Blockchain technology provides a future with endless possibilities, inspiring innovative projects across multiple industries. A decentralized internet, powered by blockchain provides an alternative to the problems associated with the web2.0 generation–dominated by Big Tech–notably when it comes to privacy. From decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, the Metaverse, and more, the ability of blockchain to spawn a global revolution is already evident.

Iconium is an all-encompassing crypto investment fund that supports all types of decentralized projects at every phase of their journey, ensuring maximum growth. Iconium, as a principle, prioritizes blockchain-based projects that have high disruptive potential. In addition to investments, Iconium grants the projects in its portfolio access to its extensive networks and connections along with advisory on the product, competition, and strategic development. Since 2018 Iconium has backed more than 80 projects, investing $80 million across different segments such as DeFi, Web3.0, Layer-1 and Layer-2 scalability solutions, and the Metaverse. Iconium plans to invest another $60 million in the next two years. Here are just a few of Iconium’s success stories:

  • Terra: a blockchain fintech startup that launched its price-stable algorithmic stablecoin bringing easy payment solutions to crypto and fiat holders.
  • Secret: a data-privacy platform for web3 and part of the Secret Ecosystem Fund providing early-stage capital for decentralized apps (dApps), which has raised a total commitment of $225 million from 25 organizations.
  • ThorChain: an independent cross-chain autonomous decentralized exchange platform built on Cosmos.
  • Dexilon: is the first crypto decentralized exchange (DEX) that is run on a limit order book powered by the native blockchain
  • Efinity: a cross-chain NFT blockchain built on Polkadot, designed by Enjin to enable ecosystem interoperability and incentives for engaging with NFTs.
  • Algorand: a layer-1 blockchain delivering decentralization, scalability, and security through its first-of-a-kind purely proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

“The future of the internet will be decentralized and will run through the blockchain,” says Fabio Pezzotti, Iconium’s Founder and CEO. “At Iconium, we pick out the most innovative and exciting projects that progress our mission of decentralization. We work closely with our partners from the start, providing expert advisers to maximize each project’s potential.”

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