Daimler Mobility and Visa will offer in-car payments


By FintechNews staff

-From spring 2022 onwards, Mercedes-Benz customers in the U.K. and Germany will be able to pay for goods and services by using their fingerprint in the car. This ability to offer “native” in-car payments will come as a result of a new global technology partnership between Daimler Mobility — which together with Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG is one of the three business divisions of Daimler AG — and Visa. Other European markets are to follow. 

-“There is nothing more convenient than authorizing a payment with your fingerprint,” comments Daimler Mobility CEO Franz Reiner.

-The new biometric solution will be part of ‘Mercedes pay,’ a  component of Daimler’s mobility and digitalization strategy, and the first one globally to incorporate the Visa Cloud Token Framework into its vehicles.

-Entering passwords or relying on mobile devices for payment authentication may soon be a thing of the past as the vehicle itself becomes a biometrically enabled payments device, thanks to Visa’s Delegated Authentication technology, the two companies said. Using the fingerprint sensor, purchases can then be made directly through the car’s head unit, Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX).

Daimler Mobility’s global payment platform, called “Mercedes pay,” enables customers to buy goods and services directly in their car, including Mercedes me services, as well as for other use cases such as fueling and parking. 

-“A luxury customer experience of course includes the aspect of safety, and we fulfill that through native in-car payment. We offer our customers security not only when driving, but also when paying,” Reiner added.

-Mercedes pay is a component of Daimler’s mobility and digitalization strategy, and a business segment of Daimler Mobility. Daimler will be the first ever automotive company in the world to incorporate the Visa Cloud Token Framework into its vehicles.

-The move is indicative of an increasingly wider adoption of biometric solutions in the automotive industry, both for driver monitoring and security purposes.

The move follows an announcement in September that J.P. Morgan struck a deal with German automaker Volkswagen to buy roughly 75% of its Volkswagen Payments S.A. 

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