DCM Suisse and Plato announce strategic partnership for Ai powered content and data intelligence syndication


DCM Swiss (Digital Content Marketplace, a decentralized blockchain-powered platform for content creators, publishers and brands, today announced a strategic partnership with Plato Data Intelligence a NYC based Data Platform focused on the curation of data intelligence on today’s most innovative technology verticals.

Through the partnership, DCM’s partner brands will immediately benefit from the increased global reach Plato delivers. Both companies plan to deliver a wide range of embedded data products related to marketing communications, brand engagement and vertical data intelligence using Plato?s content distribution and syndication network.

“DCM is moving to the next stage in its life-cycle while enabling deep and authentic use cases for the mass adoption of blockchain. Plato?s expertise in this area is an invaluable resource for accelerating our plans for 2023 and beyond. We are excited to take part in building the Web3 and provide the world?s leading solution for decentralized content creation and distribution together,” said Julia Zoltarenko, DCM Swiss’ Founder and CEO.

“We are excited to work with DCM Swiss and see a perfect fit for our A.I. and Blockchain capabilities across their entire data ecosystem with unprecedented engagement opportunities. We believe that together we will set a new standard for the industry,” said Bryan Feinberg, Plato’s Founder and CEO.

Via the partnership, Plato?s and DCM’s R&D teams will be able to integrate the latest data intelligence, trends, tools, and data centric applications, including in Web3 space, to achieve maximum reach and organic engagement for promotional campaigns.

The partnership promises deep value across each company’s respective platforms and ecosystems and will leverage both Plato?s and DCM’s extensive blockchain expertise in designing innovative solutions using blockchain. Publishers, audiences and advertisers benefit from the scale of a decentralized blockchain data ecosystem while gaining direct access to global audiences.

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