Device-based biometrics expand for banks, healthcare and enterprises

Mobile device biometrics continue to grow in adoption and scope, with FacePhi approved as a provider of selfie facial recognition for customer onboarding for Banco Santander, Vecna Technologies extending its patient intake technology to biometric self check-ins, and IDVerifact integrating new cybersecurity technology.

FacePhi biometrics approved by Banco Santander

FacePhi has been selected as a reference provider of identity verification systems for biometric onboarding and authentication by Banco Santander, allowing the biometrics provider to pitch its digital identity solutions to the financial giant.

The selfie biometric technology is intended to make remote banking transactions, including account opening, easier for end users, and is expected to be available to all Banco Santander clients in 2021.

FacePhi already supplies its face biometrics to Banco Santander in Argentina, and also partnered with Grupo Santander subsidiary Creditel last year to provide selfie biometrics for customer onboarding.

“We are very excited to be able to tackle this challenge together with Banco Santander. The digital transformation of the banking sector cannot be understood without a clear commitment to accessibility. Banks are going to be closer to their customers, which implies providing them with a better experience and a totally secure online environment to carry out their operations, an objective for which identity verification through biometrics is showing its enormous utility,” explains Javier Mira, president and CEO of FacePhi. “The other side of the coin is the reinforced protection against fraud that biometrics provides to banking entities, which at the moment is key in the face of the change in the digital paradigm.”

Banco Santander also acted as Sole Bookrunner Entity for and participated in FacePhi’s $40 million loan agreement in late 2020.

Vecna app provides patient check-in with face biometrics

Vecna Technologies has launched a new mobile app utilizing device-based face biometrics for patient self check-ins, dubbed HealthPass, at the HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition 2021.

HealthPass is designed to reduce administrative interactions with facial recognition, location services-enabled geofencing for automatic check-ins, test alerts for appointment and billing reminders, and access to users’ calendars, contacts, images and digital wallets. The company’s Patient Intake Platform provides convenient pre-registrations and check-ins, digital form and questionnaire completion, patient information updates and insurance eligibility confirmation, self-service payments, cost estimates and payment plans, and a staff dashboard for patient flow management and analytics, according to the announcement.

“HealthPass is an extension of our digital patient intake portfolio which is deployed in over 2,000 health systems,” explains Vecna Technologies CEO Deborah Theobald. “The app empowers patients with a convenient, contactless experience to safely pre-register and check-in for appointments. The intake process is streamlined for staff and revenue cycle management is enhanced with mobile bill pay.”

IDVerifact integrates DataStealth cybersecurity

Prodigy subsidiary IDVerifact has partnered with Datex to integrate cybersecurity solution DataStealth into its all-in-one biometric identity verification platform for enterprises.

IDVerifact was launched by Prodigy just months ago, bringing together biometrics and identity verification technologies from BioConnect, IDmission and TruNarrative.

DataStealth provides data and document protection to mitigate the impact of potential data breaches.

“The protection of client data, whether personally identifiable information or payment card information during any process is key to ensuring that our clients cannot only collect the sensitive data they need to support business processes related to onboarding and risk evaluation, but also that they can store and manage that sensitive data securely and in compliance with existing and yet to be defined regulations,” says George Colwell, SVP Digital Practices at IDVerifact. “Our partnership with Datex provides the IDVerifact platform with DataStealth, a powerful tool in preventing data breaches by preventing unauthorized users and intruders from accessing and stealing sensitive data. The best part is that DataStealth can provide this level of protection without the need for any of our software to be rewritten or modified, and without the need to make any changes to existing user interaction or business processes.”

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