Creating digital assets is a wide-open business opportunity. Digital artists who are used to creating things like logos, social media images, and illustrations can leverage their skills in new ways. The NFT market is just cracking open, and the opportunities are limitless for creatives who can think outside the box starting now. 
While it may not be critical to be first, being early in the NFT market can set these artists up with a lucrative business. You’ll need to break out your Wacom tablet, apply for an EIN, and get yourself acquainted with all the ways to make money using NFTs. Here are some of the most exciting ways that digital artists can leverage the NFT market for business.
Create Your Own NFTs
You might be a nobody, but if your artwork is amazing, you can easily set up your own NFTs in one of the many marketplaces online. There are ways to get your artwork up and ready for sale. If pictures of monkeys can make big money, the opportunity is open for almost any artwork to shine in an NFT market. 
Creating and selling your own NFTs definitely takes a learning curve, but even with that, the time spent learning how to create, upload, and sell your art will be well worth it. In addition, you’ll want to design and craft your art in series or themes to help encourage frequent buyers of your NFT’s.
Create NFTs For Someone Else
Maybe your art style got noticed by someone else and now they want you to create NFTs for them. How this works is that you charge the buyer money for the art, and they get a license to sell it as an NFT under their name. This is called white labeling and is already very popular in other spaces. Creators of all kinds white label their services in writing, design, and even in photography. 
While you might create the product, you don’t get to claim it as yours once you deliver the final product to the customer. White labeling NFTs allows you to do what you love most, while someone else can work out the details of how to turn it into an NFT and get it on a marketplace.
Teach People How to Make NFTs
Another business opportunity is to teach people what you know. How would you take the digital art skills you have right now and turn them into a course on how to make NFT’s? You’d be amazed at how many people would be willing to pay to learn not only the skills needed to design cool things, but also how to turn them into something they can put on the NFT marketplaces themselves. 
When people buy the NFT they don’t actually get anything physical in return. Instead, they get a non-fungible token that authenticates that the digital art they purchased is the real thing. Sharing that skill with others, and capitalizing on a booming market, is a fantastic way to help improve your bottom line and become more financially secure.
Make Memes
This one might hurt the artist inside of you, but memes are amazing. They make people laugh, smile, nod in agreement, and so much more. The perfect meme can last forever. Like the grumpy cat memes or the blond lady fighting with the grumpy cat. It might feel childish to create memes when you’re a serious artist, but if you’re witty and can string together some great images and phrases, you too can sell NFT memes.
Create NFT’s That You Can Wear
This would require a little extra work, but just like there are digital photo frames, you could theoretically create NFTs that people could wear. What if your necklace housed your NFT so that people could see it? Or perhaps you’d prefer an NFT bracelet. Just imagine if instead of a real diamond ring, you proposed with an NFT diamond, and it could go in a special type of ring? 
All these scenarios sound a little extreme, but the truth is that the technology is already out there. Furthermore, there is a surprisingly large market of buyers ready to snatch up new and unique pieces that they think might be the next best thing. The market is hot, and it’s ready for the right entrepreneurs to take advantage of it.
NFT’s are not going anywhere, and their very existence is a big opportunity for digital artists to go from starving to living the high life. Anything from a meme to a painting to a blockchain video game can become an NFT. While you might struggle to sell a painting for $25 right now, what if you could make $100 or more on an NFT of your art? By thinking about your business today, you can quickly learn how NFT’s could transform your art enterprise tomorrow.

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