Digital assets are gaining in popularity


In October 2018, Mt Pelerin Group SA innovated by digitalizing 100% of its share capital in the form of tokens on the blockchain. This world premiere had marked international specialists and the media as for the first time the shares of a company were incorporated into a token and made indissociable from it.

The holder of a token was therefore recognized as a legal shareholder – in this case by Swiss law. This digitalization enabled Mt Pelerin to directly address the public to offer 5% of its capital and raise more than CHF 2 million.

With such innovation, Mt Pelerin was quickly solicited by companies wishing to replicate this new model.

Almost a year later, Mt Pelerin was presenting on 16th of January 2020 the first four companies to have adopted the tokenization of their shares via Mt Pelerin’s solution to conduct their fund raising:

Flix Snip – CHF 1.5 million
Flix Snip is a video on demand service that features award-winning short films. The  platform is already available to 80 million users worldwide.

DizzitUp – CHF 5 million
Dizzitup is a supplier of solar electricity, Internet access and distributed digital services to emerging markets.

FlipNpik – CHF 3 million
Flipnpik is a social network based on the blockchain allowing you to discover local businesses around you and collect a fee for each of its actions on the application.

Polo Multimodal – CHF 5 to 20 million
Polo Multimodal is a high-tech industrial, commercial, residential, energy and transport infrastructure development project for the port of Pecém in Brazil.

Mt Pelerin wants to democratize funding and investment

Beyond these four companies and others with whom it is in discussion, Mt Pelerin aims to use asset digitalization to democratize access to funding and investment. To do this, the Geneva company is notably finalizing the release of its digital wallet allowing anyone to store, buy and sell digital assets and cryptocurrencies on an easy-to-use mobile app.

Mt Pelerin is also making its digitalization services available to new sectors such as real estate and investment funds.

Thanks to its many achievements, Mt Pelerin consolidates its position as a fintech leader in Geneva and strengthens the credibility of his long-term ambition: become the first bank in the world to use the blockchain to offer an alternative funding and investment ecosystem accessible to all.

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