Disruption in financial services presents big opportunities for recruiters
Skilled leaders are in high demand across financial services and its functional disciplines, a need that has only intensified with the pandemic. Companies are looking for diverse prospects. They are also in need of talent with digital and transformation experience. Being able to integrate remote workers is essential. Executive recruitment leaders offer their insights into the sector’s current possibilities . . . and challenges.

The profile of modern financial services leaders continues to shift amid the sector’s renewed focus on customers for revenue growth, service digitalization, a renewed focus on risk management, and increasing investor and regulatory scrutiny, according to executive recruiters.

The COVID-19 crisis has only heightened the need for top talent that has the ability to pivot and steer businesses through hard times and onto firm ground. That’s why skilled leaders are being sought throughout financial services and across a myriad of functional disciplines. Diverse candidates are in particular demand. Digital and transformation experience is vital. For many, success will hinge on a leader’s ability to integrate remote workers.

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