DTSocialize Holding returns users ownership over their data in an end-to-end ecosystem of services

DTSocialize Holding is a diverse, next-generation FinTech and Tech service provider that aims at integrating financial solutions into social communication and networking apps, including the use of digital assets in financial and commercial transactions


DTSocialize Holding (DTSH) has created a unique ecosystem where users will be able to manage their assets, communicate, and shop, both in the physical world (as already possible) and in the virtual one. DTSH offers its community of users a whole suite of solutions in a single ecosystem that respects privacy and anonymity while ensuring the highest level of compliance. Furthermore, the community empowers users to be rewarded for the data it accepts to share within this unique ecosystem whilst using the DTSH services. By empowering its users to monetize their data, DTSocialize allows them to receive rewards within its ecosystem, challenging Big Tech to do the same.
Around 81 percent of users want to know more about how companies use their data, according to a recent study by Surf Shark. Users are largely left clueless and exposed as Big Tech companies collect behavioral data, engagement data, and other forms of data and use it for market research without any compensation for the users.
The DTSH ecosystem enables users to choose between complete privacy and sharing their data within the ecosystem, getting a form of compensation in the last case. It’s important to say that DTSH anonymizes the outbound data, aggregating it into Big Data stacks for market research, so no direct connection to a single user is possible. By opting to share their data, users receive rewards through a token that works as a currency within the ecosystem. Users can spend their tokens on Ubuyup, a shopping service within the DTSH network.
DTSocialize offers integrated payment solutions and fintech services alongside social apps and tools. Its use of the same encryption technology as Bitcoin for its messaging app and the hard work to create non-fungible token-based digital IDs have the goal of guaranteeing an entirely new and safe customer experience when interacting, shopping, or using financial services within a communication tool. All financial services within the ecosystem are fully compliant with standard procedures for AML and KYC.
Going forward, DTSH will perfectly integrate itself into the Metaverse as a framework to safely transact, communicate, and access financial services. The unique DTSH Metaverse platform, Umetaworld, a virtual replica of the real world, provides the global DTSH community with VR and AR solutions. Technicians are working to create NFT-powered digital IDs to have one digital identity that will guarantee easy and secure access to the entire range of DTSH services, and not only.
“Our vision is for users to have one single digital identity across all our platforms,” says Danielle Marinelli, CEO, and Founder of DTSocialize Holding Ltd. “We aim to provide an ecosystem where users can seamlessly socialize, interact, and make transactions. Our solutions are built to perfectly integrate, in the near future, into our Metaverse platform Umetaworld.”

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