EDSX – European Digital Assets Exchange - is about to open the first Security Token Exchange in Switzerland
The European Digital Assets Exchange – EDSX – has completed the compliance procedure to provide a secondary market for security tokens for institutional and retail investors and plans to open it in Q3 2022.
“EDSX is the first platform in Switzerland able to provide a primary and secondary market for security tokens.”
EDSX www.edsx.ch , founded back in 2019 and based in Zug, has gone through a long compliance procedure, almost two years and a half, to be able to provide today one of the first platform in Europe to trade and exchange security tokens.
“In the last few months, we have seen an increased interest from traditional financial players for asset tokenization. We have built EDSX because we believe that the blockchain technology will have a disruptive impact on the capital market infrastructures and we want to be part of this change” said Mauro Andriotto CEO of EDSX.
EDSX has created a demo of secondary market and made it available on its platform. The launch could help the security token issuing and asset tokenization industry to take off as today there are many providers offering tokenization services but without the possibility to list the tokens. EDSX is already providing a primary market and will open the secondary in a few months. The decentralized exchange will allow trading in a peer-to-peer way but without the counterparty risk thanks to the blockchain technology.
On the primary market there are several “coming soon” projects that will open in a few weeks: start-ups, NFT blistered diamonds, a French biotech launching a pre-IPO in tokens that will be listed later this year on the Frankfurt stock exchange and one of the biggest mining and exploration group in Zambia that is digitizing $1 billion of copper on EDSX.
EDSX projects are the signs of the digital revolution that Blockchain technology is bringing in the traditional financial sector and that is expected to grow considerably in the next few years.

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