Efma is now Qorus


Efma announces major rebrand, changes name to Qorus 


Efma, the global non-profit financial services association established in 1971, has unveiled a new name, new logo, and new purpose as part of an extensive rebranding initiative. Today, Efma is called Qorus (pronounced kaw-ruhs). 
Efma has approached the half-century mark of its existence and undertaken the most important transformation in its history – by completing an extensive rebranding effort. The rebranding was the response to accelerated change in the financial services world along with Efma´s reinvention – becoming more digitally focused. At its heart is a change of the association name to Qorus – with a new logo, identity, and website. By focusing on its strengths and what its members most value about its offer, Qorus has been able to define a bold new purpose: To be the catalyst for the reinvention of financial services. 
For over 50 years, we’ve been a cornerstone of the financial services industry,” explains John Berry, CEO of Qorus. “From the very beginning, our mission has been about bringing people and organizations together to learn and innovate. This authentic mission has not changed, but our operating environment has. We recognized that we needed to transform and reinvent our organization to ensure that we can, in turn, help our members to reinvent too.” 
Qorus aims to deliver a new experience for both its people and its members. The name change moves the organization away from being a perceived European association, to one focused on being truly global. It also reinforces its crucial focus on community — Qorus brings to mind a chorus, a group united by common goals. 
The all-new Qorus will be more dynamic and future-facing,” says Berry. “It will embrace a global audience whilst reenergizing its core strengths, which are around building the relationships that drive successful innovation.” 
Qorus will do this in a way that is more digitally focused, more community-led, and more global. To this end, it has updated its products and services to better meet the needs of both members and non-members. This includes a transformed website, more digital networking opportunities through a strengthened online community, more exclusive content, and modernized membership options. 
Ultimately, we are reinforcing our position as a neutral space for members to build the future of financial services, using our knowledge, match-making skills, and insights beyond the traditional world of financial services,” says Berry. “I’m thrilled about our transformation, and believe there’s an exciting future ahead.”   


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