Elevator Lab one of the “Best Financial Innovation Labs” for the 3rd time in a row


The renowned magazine Global Finance awarded Raiffeisen Bank International’s (RBI)
partnership program Elevator Lab as one of the best financial innovation labs again.
Elevator Lab is the largest fintech and startup partnership program in Central and Eastern
Europe. The program offers startups with proven innovative products and technologies a four-month structured onboarding and a proof of concept project (PoC) with leading banking experts,with the goal of establishing further collaboration. So far, Elevator Lab fully funded 25 PoCs to jointly develop scalable business cases and enable international growth, which resulted in 15 long-term partnerships throughout RBI Group.
Global Finance honored Elevator Lab’s cooperation with startups, recognizing the program’s
latest tracks focusing on the areas of “Digital Customer Acquisition and Financial Literacy” as well as “Engaging Mini Apps in Banking Application” and in the cross-industry track “ESG in Agriculture”. All tracks of the program are organized together with experts from RBI subsidiary banks, ensuring that the solutions and startups coming out of the program will directly provide the most value to their end users.
“This award recognizes the continuous efforts our Elevator Lab team places in co-innovation. Five years ago, we founded the Elevator Lab Partnership Program as we saw the significance of connecting with the startup ecosystem in order to deliver products and solutions that bring the most value to our clients and improve their customer experience. Being acknowledged by the Global Finance Magazine for our efforts encourages us to continue pursuing, and to expand our co-innovation activities with startups and other industry partners,” said Christian Wolf, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Ecosystems at RBI.
The magazine also acknowledged the achievements of two additional offers for startups
organized by RBI’s subsidiary banks: Elevator Lab Bootcamp and Elevator Lab Challenge. The Bootcamp focuses on local early-stage startups, supporting them with developing minimum viable products as a quick access to the startup world. The Challenge allows local or regional later-stage startups to promote their solutions to a wider audience and potentially cooperate with a Raiffeisen bank.
Furthermore, the Slovakian branch of Elevator Lab, powered by RBI’s subsidiary Tatra banka, was separately recognized too, as one of the “Best Financial Innovation Labs”.

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