Asides from casino games provided by online casinos that allow players to place wagers, certain casinos like gives room for betting on various eSports and virtual sport game types. 

Rather than suggest betting platforms these games exist on, let’s take a peek into these two gambling types as they’re purely distinct despite several individuals using both terms interchangeably.

We’ll be defining both concepts, how bets are placed, and the pros and cons (if any) associated with them. 

What Is eSports?

Simply put, unlike free slots no sign up, eSports can be defined as gaming that’s seen as a sport. To make this idea a reality, video game developers have been churning out titles on a global scale, so different professionals can come together to compete for a prize – similar to football, basketball or tennis tournaments, for instance.

To cut it short, esports is a mix of tournaments, investors, sponsors, professional gamers, and viewers, who just join to see their favorite gamers play on stream. It has evolved from just being just a pastime for many, and becoming a professional gamer is very hard, as it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. From the first esports event in 1972, the esports market has seen immense growth lately and will be constantly growing during the upcoming years. You can visit professional websites to get more info on esports statistics, have a look at esports growth charts and income stats. Tournaments are held according to the most played games, and many of them have huge prize pools.

The top games that are currently gaining traction among eSports fans include:

  • CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
  • Call of Duty
  • Fortnite
  • Overwatch
  • League of legends
  • Dota 2

What Is Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports are simply games that are played on computer-based programs to simulate the outcome of a real-life sport. 

The earliest form of virtual sports was developed in 1961 when John Borgeson was able to run a code based on fantasy baseball for the IBM 1620. Here, two teams could play automatically, with the results based on an algorithm that featured random numbers. 

However, virtual sports these days are a lot more complex than the modern free casino slot games for fun, with probabilities and statistics for different players and teams. Like the first-generation virtual sports, the RNG (Random Number Generation) still plays a crucial role in generating random results.

Why eSports and Virtual Sports are Gaining Traction Currently in the Gambling Industry

The following are the reasons why these two sports are becoming increasingly popular amongst players:

eSports Virtual Sport
eSports includes a wide range of video games for computers, mobile, and consoles Using statistical data, virtual sports bettors can set accurate bets
eSports betting features loads of tournaments from all across the world Virtual sport bears semblance with other real-life sports in terms of style, schedule, and so on

Betting on eSports and Virtual Sports: Is It Possible?

You can place bets on eSports and virtual sports no matter what your preference is. First off, virtual sports was created so that people could have something to set wagers on asides real-life sporting events. On the other hand, eSports has been in existence since the day game developers decided to create competitive events for players worldwide to partake in.

How are bets placed on these sport types? As long as you’re armed with the basic rules bordering on real-time sports, you can easily place bets as virtual sports incorporate these same rules. 

The question “What eSport should I play?” is frequently asked by players new to the scene. With so many eSports games available, it’s hard to make a pick. However, if you’d like to place bets to win real money, have in mind that betting options on each game might have slightly different variations.

eSports vs Virtual Sports Betting: Pros and Cons

All sport types have pros and cons. Typically, it’s recommended to opt for those whose pros outweigh the cons. 

Below, we’ll be taking a closer look at the pros and cons of these two sport variations.

eSports Betting: Pros

  1. The advantage of volume: The main pro of eSports betting is the volume you’re accorded. Compared to other forms of sports betting, there’s no off-season with eSports. There’s always a competition or the other taking place. However, when there isn’t any serious competition taking place, this could be a problem for those serious about eSports betting.
  2. Great odds: If you’re able to set wagers at a reputable sports betting site, you stand a greater chance of success from any given bet. However, it’s pertinent to only bet on platforms that are duly registered and regulated.
  3. Fun and entertaining: Even if you’re a person who doesn’t joke with eSports bets, you stand a chance to partake in the fun aspects of this sports type. For context, you can decide to watch a tournament while placing bets all at once.
  4. Straightforward betting: To set eSport bets, you don’t require any special form of training. Unlike other sports that involve going through lengthy guides and logbooks to enable you to place wagers efficiently, eSports betting is made easy. You can learn the basics through various online materials at your fingertips.
  5. Improved decision making: With eSports gaining traction daily, the betting levels are becoming a tad bit harder and harder. Although lots of people might consider this a drawback, it isn’t. Why? Betting on eSports helps you, in the long run, to improve your decision-making skills by thinking spontaneously, especially during live games and events.

eSports Betting: Cons

  1. Picking the right team to set wagers on: Yes, you read that right! Placing bets can be a herculean task with so many teams in top form in various events and tournaments. Placing wagers on low-class teams is also risky unless you’re armed with adequate knowledge of their different strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Betting on too many teams: As a punter, placing bets on one team isn’t realistic, as you’re in the driving seat to lose all your winnings. Consequently, placing bets on several teams is the next logical step to take. However, this is easier said than done as you can get confused and indecisive. 

Virtual Sports Betting: Pros

  1. Convenience: With a mobile or desktop device and a stable internet connection, you can start setting wagers on different virtual sports types. 
  2. More opportunities: At a tap of your screen, you can place different bets on the virtual sport type of your choice, typically every 90 seconds. What does this entail? More chances of winning and having loads of fun.
  3. Easy for beginners: For beginners new to the virtual sports scene, bets can be placed without having an in-depth knowledge of sports betting.
  4. There’s no match-fixing: With virtual sports, match-fixing is practically impossible as it features a Random Number Generation (RNG) that’s responsible for generating different outcomes.

Virtual Sports Betting: Cons

  1. No skill and research necessary: While some might consider this an advantage, it could be a double-edged sword. Most players rely on past records to get up to speed with a team’s strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, this is not applicable here.
  2. Inability to gamble responsibly: With outcomes known in just under 2 minutes, there’s this temptation to place more bets. As a result, a bettor spends more money without him/her coming to a timely realization.


And that’s that! Perusing the paragraphs above, you can see that eSports and virtual sports are two different concepts with different betting outcomes. However, both will guarantee a fantastic experience for bettors and players.

No matter the sport type you decide to set wagers on, it’s pertinent to gamble responsibly by placing bets that accentuates your gambling bankroll.

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