Virtual reality

As technology gets more advanced day by day, so do the world-class resort’s entertainment products. For some of these luxury resorts VR has been one of the greatest innovations to hit their range of leisure activities in years.

VR is changing how guests interact and experience the world around them and their entertainment. It creates exciting experiences out of what used to be nothing more than a pipe dream in sci-fi. VR is already an integral part of contemporary resort entertainment, being used for gaming. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as we’ll see the capabilities of VR in action, especially today when the investment interests in VR have risen, which means new sophisticated options may arrive soon.

Let’s see how these innovations are setting new standards for visitor experiences. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a vacationer looking for new entertainment, virtual reality provides a unique look into the future of resort entertainment.

Virtual Reality Poker Lounges

The development of VR poker lounges is a great practical example of the uses of virtual reality in resort entertainment. These spaces enable guests to enjoy a poker game in casino settings. Imagine yourself playing poker in the comfort of your resort room at a table that appears as real as any physical one, surrounded by lifelike avatars of other players.

A few hotels in the US have introduced virtual reality poker rooms, aimed at young folk who enjoy tech spaces. These poker lounges provide more than just a genuine, personal poker experience; they also include interactive training on how to play it, allowing beginners to learn how to play poker in a welcoming environment.

Current predictions reveal that in 2024 the global market demand for VR technology will exceed $40 billion. This ought to give you an idea of the scale of virtual reality and how big it’s expected to get. With more developments like these, those staying at resorts will naturally have even further opportunities to learn and enhance their poker game with these new platforms.

VR in Sports

Teams and athletes can use virtual reality for performance analysis and training as well. VR, for instance, may be used to replicate scenarios from games, providing athletes with a safe, controlled environment in which they can practice and polish their skills. This could be extremely useful for those who are unable to train in person due to various reasons.

Many university and professional teams use VRs to allow players to study their playbooks at their own pace and without the risk of injury, going over plays that require further practice.

In the realm of professional sports, soccer, and basketball have been known to use virtual reality. In fact, the NBA was among the first ever to use this tech to help players improve and train.

VR Theme Parks

Another interesting use of VR in resorts is the building of virtual theme parks. If one is planning to spend their vacations at some of the famous theme parks of the world, they can try out any number of features from VR attractions like roller coaster rides to virtual undersea missions. These VR theme parks are perfect for a taste of classic amusement park excitement combined with new VR technology making it an unforgettable experience.

As an example, the VR Park built in Dubai Mall has over 30 attractions and activities to enjoy, including a thrilling VR experience that shows a desert adventure. These are not just targeted towards the younger generation, adults can also enjoy these.

VR Apps for Health and Relaxation

Virtual Reality is not only entertaining but it is also helping to cure health. Many luxury resorts are incorporating programs with virtual reality where you can immerse yourself in relaxation by joining guided meditation sessions, online yoga classes, and stress-relieving activities.

These VR wellness programs often include calm settings, such as a stunning beach at sunset or a peaceful forest, that help clients relax and recharge. The ability to immerse oneself in these soothing virtual settings can considerably improve the entire health experience.

A study done recently shows that 44 percent of VR users got goosebumps, a physiological sign of relaxation and comfort.


With world-class resorts adding virtual reality to their entertainment offerings, it shows that the technology is here and being deployed as a potential. Resorts are using VR technology to deliver exceptional experiences for their visitors, including VR poker salons that teach guests how to play poker, thorough virtual tours, VR theme parks, and wellness activities.

With VR technology progressing, we could see even more creative uses for the hotel business in no time, and it will increase the perceived value of luxury resorts across the globe. For tech enthusiasts, as well as for those just looking to do something a little different during their vacations, virtual reality gives a brilliant preview of what the future might hold.


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