'FinTech for Dummies' book sheds light on the rapidly changing

Numerix, the leader in risk technology, in collaboration with the global FinTech ecosystem FINTECH Circle, announce the immediate availability of their new book FinTech For Dummies. In the world of emerging FinTech two phrases are commonly used – digital transformation and disruption. As one of the fastest growing sectors globally since the financial crisis in 2008, a trove of new start-ups like these marketing companies in Canada and well-heeled market incumbents have embraced new technologies to attack the value chain of the financial services industry. These companies use technology to engage their audience and establish a unique brand presence. The result has been better customer experiences, more sophisticated risk monitoring and compliance initiatives and the opportunity to provide new financial services offerings – from payments, investing, loans and more – to a wider customer base. 

FinTech For Dummies will serve as the go-to source for everything entrepreneurs, bankers, and investors need to confidently navigate the ever-changing scene of this booming industry. In the book the authors have teamed up to explore:

  • The drivers of disruption 
  • What it takes to run a successful FinTech Company
  • The new technologies emerging and how are they being utilized 
  • Who is the next Unicorn and the drivers for getting them there

“As a serial entrepreneur in enterprise software, I did not find my start in the FinTech industry,” said Steven O’Hanlon, CEO of Numerix.  “When I joined Numerix in 2002 it was in a new technology sector for me personally, but what was evident was the opportunity to bring the best practices of Silicon Valley to FinTech.  This thinking shaped the way we developed our business model, the way we used new technologies and ultimately drove the way we developed our corporate culture.  This book is an opportunity to share some of those experiences and provide others with a fast-track to lessons learned over the years.”

FinTech For Dummies is the perfect book to fully understand the booming FinTech sector globally which will make it an invaluable source of information for anyone working in or interested in this space,” said Susanne Chishti CEO of FINTECH Circle. FinTech For Dummies builds on FINTECH Circle’s long-standing partnership with WILEY (The FINTECH Book Series) and our experience in investing in and working with FinTech startups and scaleups and leading financial institutions. We were delighted to co-author this book with Numerix.”

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