Yes, it’s true. Fintechnews is in the news. Some newspapers, including Valencia Plaza are mentioning us for our success. Last week, we got the results of our position in Google in US when searching for Fintech News. Surprisingly, our magazine is the number one leaving back important newspaper like FT, The Independent, Reuters, TechCrunch etc. We are so proud of this!

DinoRank Tracking keyword Fintech News in Google

At FintechNews, every day we are striving to offer to our public a special selection of the best news in the fintech world. Financial technologies are the biggest disruptor of our time for financial institutions. Even more, they are experiencing rapid growth at a global level. According to a recent survey (Pollari 2018), fifty-seven percent of respondents ranked Fintech as the top source of disruption in the financial sector, ahead of growing global regulatory complexity (fifty-one percent).

The myriad of technology solutions now available, or in development, are helping to rapidly reinvent the entire value chain of financial services. Such innovations can blur industry boundaries, facilitate disintermediation, revolutionize how existing firms create and deliver products and services, and provide new gateways for entrepreneurship.

Recently, Pablo Hernández de Cos, Chairman of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and Governor of the Bank of Spain, in a speech (19 November 2019, Frankfurt) observed that “the past few years have seen growing interest in technology-driven innovation in financial services. This interest in financial technology, or “fintech”, is not driven solely by intellectual curiosity but is also backed by hard money: in 2018, total investment activity in fintech amounted to $120 billion, spanning about 2,600 deals. Since 2014, there have been over 11,000 fintech investments totalling about $380 billion.

In parallel, we have also seen global technology firms increasing their foray into financial services. Collectively, the total volume of new credit provided by fintech and “big tech” in 2017 exceeded $500 billion, a tenfold increase from 2014.”

Since 2016 we are observing all those movements from a privileged perspective: FintechNews, and every year we are organizing Tech Conference all around the world to support the way companies are redefining products and deliver services. Remaining competitive in this rapidly and constantly changing environment is becoming a complex task, and we want to be part of this big transformation.

Next event that we are co-organizing in cooperation with Feria de Valencia is Forinvest 2020. It is the Spain’s biggest finance and business networking event. It is a combined forum and trade fair that brings together the most extensive offering related to the world of Finance to Technology-based solutions for the industry. Last year, we hade 7.090 visitors, and this year we are expecting even more, since we added new conferences on AI, Big Data, Climate Change, and Healt and Tech. So, please, join us in Valencia, Spain, 3-4 of March 2020, and get in touch with us if you want to participate as speaker and or exhibitor.

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