Financial comparison site Finty has teamed up with AI-based Effi to give Australian mortgage brokers a new platform with which to attract more customers.

More than half of all home loans in Australia are settled by mortgage brokers, and the partnership will help Aussies find a mortgage brokerFinty, formerly Credit Card Compare, is on a mission to make comparing complex financial products easier and more rewarding.

Effi uses AI to offer a new sales experience for mortgage brokers and says using the platform is like having a digital assistant ‘available 24/7.’ The partnership means mortgage brokers can expand their reach by presenting their profile on the Finty website. The broker’s profile page includes testimonials and uses Effi’s technology to link brokers with potential borrowers. Australians seeking a home loan can ring featured brokers directly from the Finty website using Effi’s Instant Call feature. They can also book an appointment with a broker through the Finty site using Effi’s Calendar Sync technology. The Finty profile comes free for brokers who buy appointments from the Effi platform and appears within seconds of the appointment purchase. Brokers using Effi aren’t obligated to buy ongoing leads or make a spend commitment. Finty CEOs Andrew and David Boyd said it made clear sense to partner with Effi’s groundbreaking mortgage broker platform. “We’re excited to be working with Effi to build out the home loan section of our comparison platform.” “Shopping for home loans and going directly to a lender isn’t the preferred route for all home buyers since well over half of all home loans in Australia are settled by mortgage brokers. “What’s so good about the Effi platform is that we can digitally connect our home loan comparison shoppers on Finty to a growing number of highly-rated local mortgage brokers.

“From that stage in this integrated process, we know our Finty members and visitors will be given the personalised service and expert advice they need to secure a mortgage from a wide range of lenders, including the major banks.”

Effi CEO Mandeep Sodhi said the partnership had already boosted results for mortgage brokers. “Since offering brokers a profile on Finty, Effi users have received a significant increase in traffic and reported double-digit conversion rates from lead to loan settlement – far above the industry standard.” He said Finty recognised the benefits of partnering with the unique broking platform.

“We’ve built this unique marketplace solution that can be white-labeled by comparison websites and high traffic websites that want to show mortgage brokers without having to go through the hassle of building the whole infrastructure and onboard each individual broker.

“The partnership will see the 30,000 customers that use the Finty platform find brokers with ease.

“In turn, brokers that use the Effi platform will be able to position themselves as a trusted broker.”

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