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So, you just bought a 3D printer. Your ideas of things to make are endless, and you’re not quite sure where to begin. Plus, you’re wondering how you can justify the cost of your new purchase. However, using your resin 3D printer as a side hustle can be a great way to pay yourself back for the investment, all while you enjoy your newfound creativity. Here are some of our five favorite ideas to help you make money with resin 3D printing.

Offer Specialized 3D Printing on Etsy

 Etsy has long been a reliable platform for artisans and product enthusiasts to sell their wares. And the most remarkable thing about the platform is you can sell just about anything you want – as long as there is a market for it. You can make game pieces, unique tools, vases, and more with your printer. If you can find or create a design for it, the Etsy world is your oyster. 

 To succeed on Etsy, be sure that you can offer something unique that is different from what other sellers offer. Set a competitive price that doesn’t diminish the high-quality product you sell. Take high-quality photos accurately representing the product, and ask your happy customers to leave a review. Before long, you’ll have a satisfied customer base, and new customers will take to those reviews to see if they want to do business with you.

Identify a Niche and Secure Buyers

If you have a strong business sense, including the ability to sell, identify some niches you can sell products to. If you market yourself to the right companies and offer a high-quality product, they’ll start heading your way. Consider jewelry designers, toy makers, or design firms to start. But be cautious not to bite off more than you can chew. The goal here is to find a process that you can standardize. Further, try to master one type of product vs. a little bit of this and a little bit of that. This will enable you to create a repeatable process to grow your revenue.

Create Physical Models for Companies

If you have design skills and a creative flair, you can sell your physical models to other companies for them to reproduce. The miniature tabletop industry, in particular, could benefit from these services. Create the miniature, advertise it to the right audience, and then name your price. Your customers will pay you a set amount every month for you to publish 3D models for them.

Etsy is an excellent market for you to sell your models. You can also explore opportunities with TurboSquid, MyMiniFactory, or CGTrader. If you have the business knack, you’ll find the audience.

Teach Classes on How to Use Your 3D Printer

Some people get overzealous and purchase a printer without knowing how to use it. If you’re a people person and have mastered the functionality of your printer, why not share that knowledge with others? Contact your local community center and see if you can host a class once a month (for a fee, of course) that shows people how to find designs, how to use their printers, etc. You could offer paid consulting to those who want initial help to create their own business. Before long, you could make enough money to start paying off your debts, which could help you boost your credit score if you need a little bump.

Sell an Online Course

If teaching in person doesn’t appeal to you, but you know you have the talent to pass on to others, then teaching online is another approach. Courses designed to teach others how to use their printers or even classes to help people start their businesses with their 3D printers could be in high demand. 

Creating an online course doesn’t require a lot of overhead. You don’t need an office space or even need to film your class in a production studio. All you need is good lighting, an excellent mobile device (you should know how to maximize the video capabilities on your eye phone), and the skills to prepare a manual to accompany the course.

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