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Launched in July, Forever Donor ( is a Denver, CO based financial technology startup that is changing the way people can donate to charity.

We always thought it was cool how millionaires have their own private foundations for charity. It’s cool, but not everyone can do that. So we built Forever Donor.” explained Founder and CEO Andrew KraemerNow anyone can choose their favorite charity and make a one-time donation of $20 (or more). We generate interest from that contribution and donate that interest to your favorite charity every three months in your name, forever.

In 1-minute on anyone can pick their favorite charity, donate as little as $20, and Forever Donor will generate interest to be sent to that charity, every 3 months, automatically and forever.

  • A One-Time donation will generate interest perpetually for your favorite charity.
  • Every 3-months, a letter is sent to your charity, along with the interest, saying this is done in your name.
  • Every 3-months, you see a letter showing how much interest was donated and reminding you of the good you’re doing in the background of your everyday life!

Forever Donor was started by Andrew Kraemer after he was inspired by the story of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin invested 2,000 pounds sterling to be donated to the city of Philadelphia and Boston 200 years after his death. That became millions of dollars for those cities. A simple way to use investing for good.

Our goal is to create regular, recurring revenue for all 1.5 million US registered nonprofits so they can focus more time on their causes and suffer less headaches fundraising. At the same time, we think it is important to recognize our donors who make this possible with their one-time donation!” – Andrew Kraemer, Founder & CEO

After a successful soft launch for beta users, Forever Donor has already sent its first round of donations to charities such as National Public Radio, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Environmental Defense Fund. Now, Forever Donor is excited to see the same great support for its official launch this July. As well as continuing to use finance to create long-term change in the world of nonprofits and help the average person’s donation go further.

Getting that first email that the donations had been sent was an incredible feeling. It’s a completely different way to donate to charity! No recurring deductions from my paycheck, just a one-time donation to the Environmental Defense Fund that’s earning interest for the next 100 years because I tried something new.” – Adam O., Beta User

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About Forever Donor
Forever Donor is a Denver based financial technology startup that runs; a trusted, charitable-giving website, that is like setting up a mini foundation in your name. For as little as a $20 donation, Forever Donor will generate interest from your account and automatically make payments every 3 months to the charities you’ve chosen, along with a letter in your name. Our goal is to make every donation last forever, we offer the average person the opportunity to start a legacy.

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