Frankfurt Stock Exchange: Pre-IPO of HCS Pharma through a Security Token Offering on the EDSX platform



HCS Pharma with a current evaluation of €200 mln is a French biotech company that is combining disruptive fintech with traditional economy and finance.
Under the legal supervision of EY Ventury Avocats France and other advisors from London, Hong Kong and Zurich the Company, first worldwide, is launching its pre-IPO through security tokens on the European Digital Assets Exchange | EDSX .
HCS Pharma has confirmed that it will get listed in 2022 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with an evaluation tapping into €200 million enterprise value thanks to its groundbreaking technology BIOMIMESYS® . The Company is launching a pre-IPO through tokens registered on the blockchain with a 20% discount on the listing share price. Every token is representing a SAFE – Simple Agreement for Future Equity – agreement with a price of one euro (€ 1,00) and it gives to its investor the right to receive a 20% discount on the listing price of the shares listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
The Company owns several worldwide patents that enable the faithful reproduction of the cell culture microenvironment, also called Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM). BIOMIMESYS® is a unique groundbreaking 3D cell culture technology which associates the behavior of a solid scaffold and of a hydrogel which provide a cell culture microenvironment reproducing all aspects of human tissues, including matrix architecture, cellular organization, cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions.
Pre-IPO HCS tokens are available on EDSX, a Swiss compliant exchange of digital assets with a deep focus on security tokens that provides a primary and secondary market to institutional and retail investors.
We have built a decentralized exchange using public blockchains but with the goal to keep the platform and the user experience as easy as a crowdfunding platform. Apart for the KYC procedure that is required by law, the investment procedure can be completed in no more than 3-clicks and all the major fiat currencies and crypto currencies are accepted. Investors do not have to worry about opening a blockchain wallet, dealing with tokens or understanding how the blockchain works… they will receive the digital contracts (the tokens) by email once the payment is confirmed! Considering that many financial players as JP Morgan and others academic as the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management believe in a transition of traditional finance into the digital world, we would like to become a player of this transition.” – Mauro Andriotto, CEO of EDSX.
Security tokens are assets based token that exploit the same technology as bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in that they exist wholly on digital platforms. The difference is that they have similar characteristics to stocks and bonds.

HCS Pharma is the first non-crypto company to offer pre-IPO equity tokens to institutional and retails investors, pioneering a new financing method that could become soon an important tool for companies looking to raise capital.

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