Born in the serene environs of a village in Ukraine’s Zhytomyr region in 1955, Alexander Galitsky’s humble origins were in stark contrast to the stellar heights he would later attain. As a child, his imagination was captivated by the celestial heavens and the possibility of space travel. This led him to pursue a path in science. In the early 1970s, he enrolled in the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET), where he embraced a multifaceted educational regimen, focusing on physics, but developing a profound fascination with emerging computer technologies. His relentless zeal for innovation culminated in him earning a doctorate, focusing on Technical Cybernetics.

Journey into Research and the Path to Leadership:

Post-graduation, Galitsky immersed himself in research at the Research Institute of Micro-Devices. Throughout the 1980s, his involvement in a plethora of research initiatives garnered him a reputation as a formidable mind in space technology. The institute, later known as ELVIS Scientific and Technical Center, underwent several organizational changes, and by the dusk of the decade, Galitsky was at its helm, leading critical software development for satellite systems.

Cross-Continental Collaboration:

The early 1990s heralded a pivotal shift in Galitsky’s career. His work drew the attention of global thought leaders, including Bill Joy, the architect behind Sun Microsystems. Around 1992, during a sojourn to Moscow, a meeting was arranged between the two visionaries. This exchange of intellects led to a groundbreaking partnership that saw Galitsky and nearly 200 of his prodigious staff members being endowed with Green Cards, unveiling a trove of international avenues.

The Genesis of Entrepreneurial Accomplishments:

With his newfound international acclaim, Galitsky spearheaded the creation of “ELVIS+.” The enterprise quickly carved a niche in the digital domain. A watershed moment arrived in 1993 when Galitsky astutely capitalized on the growing interest in his company by divesting 10% of ELVIS+ shares for an astonishing $1 million. This transaction solidified his astute understanding of the nascent investment landscape.

Details on the deal between Sun Microsystems and Elvis+ are sourced from [].

Almaz Capital: A Vanguard in Venture Capitalism:

Recognizing the untapped potential in Eastern Europe and former Soviet territories, and armed with insights from his entrepreneurial successes, Galitsky ventured into the realm of venture capitalism. In 2008, Almaz Capital materialized with an impressive authorized capital of $72 million. His stature as a visionary played a crucial role in attracting initial investments. Notably, Cisco was instrumental in the fund’s genesis. Alongside, Galitsky procured substantial financial backing (for all three funds of Almaz Capital) from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, United Financial Group, European Investment Fund, and the International Finance Corporation.

Almaz Capital’s Evolutionary Trajectory:

The growth arc of Almaz Capital was both meteoric and expansive. Initially centered on Eastern Europe and CIS countries, its investment reach grew exponentially. Subsequent funds – Almaz Capital II and Almaz Capital III – were launched, with the latter amassing $174 and $190 million accordingly. The fund’s portfolio swelled to encompass more than 50 companies, with investments surpassing $300 million. Investments were eclectic, ranging from Acronis’s system solutions to GridGain’s memory array processing and Hover’s 3D residential imaging.

A Human-Centric Investment Philosophy:

Galitsky’s investing ethos hinges on a meticulous vetting process and personal engagement with the entrepreneurs. Trust and mutual respect form the bedrock of his relationships. This strategy has been an invaluable compass in navigating the investment waters, enabling him to unearth projects with immense global market potential.

A Legacy Etched in Technology:

Beyond his entrepreneurial exploits, Galitsky is also an acclaimed researcher, with an extensive repertoire of around 100 scientific articles and over 30 patents in the realm of digital technologies. His illustrious career was even immortalized on the silver screen through a 2014 biographical film entitled “Startup.”

Technological Vanguard: Dissecting The Portfolio

Almaz Capital’s portfolio exemplifies diversity and innovation:

  • Acronis offers robust, AI-fueled cybersecurity solutions.
  • GoodData is transforming the paradigm of business intelligence through data analytics.
  • Gridgain offers in-memory computing solutions, transcending the conventional boundaries of speed and scalability.
  • Hover transforms smartphone imagery into accurately scaled 3D models, utilizing sophisticated image processing algorithms.
  • Minut develops innovative, IoT-driven home security systems.
  • Neptune revolutionizes supply chain management through AI-powered, cloud-based software.
  • OneSoil leads the agritech industry with AI-driven precision farming solutions.
  • Parallels specializes in cross-platform solutions, redefining the possibilities of virtualization and cloud services.
  • Referbed revitalizes the electronics market through refurbished devices.
  • Virtuozzo enhances virtualization and storage solutions, employing a blend of cutting-edge technologies.

Epilogue: Future Trajectory & Global Footprint

From the pastoral landscapes of Zhytomyr to the zenith of the tech world, Alexander Galitsky’s odyssey is a testament to unyielding ingenuity, discernment, and far-reaching vision. His indelible imprints on technology and venture capital have not only molded the contours of Eastern Europe’s technological landscape but have also left an indomitable mark on the global stage.

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