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With an ever-growing pressure on remote service delivery, Fully-Verified secures capital to further grow their business, and deliver KYC and identity verification services to businesses looking to move their operations online, while not sacrificing security and compliance.

30.03.2020. Tallinn, Estonia: Fully-Verified, a Startup Wise Guys backed company, offers a range of video-based identity verification services aimed at delivering the highest level of security and compliance. It has now secured a new financing round, for an undisclosed amount, led by POMERANGELS investment fund, Krystian Stypuła (founder of Home.pl, J-Cash Holdings), and Samuli Koski-Lammi (founder of BLStream/Intive, Qvistorp, Lavinium Holdings). The goal for this round is to strengthen the company’s position within the global market of identity verification and KYC services, as well as expand to new, emerging markets.

Services of Fully-Verified range from full video identifications – where a user connects with a verification specialist via a video call, to automated identity verifications on video, where a user can go through the whole procedure on their own.

Fully-Verified’s identity verifications are backed by automated document recognition and validation technology which supports over 7700 documents from over 200 countries, face recognition, machine learning, AI, sanction / pep checks, as well as trained verification specialists. Thanks to doing everything on a live video stream, customers can enjoy full transparency of the process, where the whole procedure is recorded on video and all the details automatically sent via API.

Lucas Kwiatkowski, CEO, says:

We’re very grateful to be appreciated by new investors, especially during difficult times like we see today with the Coronavirus epidemic. This investment will help us reach more people and deliver our KYC services to meet the quickly growing demand for remote, online-based compliance and identity verification services.
Tomasz Łasecki, Managing Partner, POMERANGELS fund, said:

The market definitely needs solutions that will increase participants’ trust when providing services remotely. We have noticed great potential in Fully Verified technology and, above all, in the team. The company already serves customers from around the world. We are already working together to reach new markets and gain recognition.

Krystian Stypuła, mentioned:

Fully-Verified has the potential to scale it’s operations and offer solutions which are in high demand on the current market, especially within the financial sector. We see an opportunity here to create a highly valuable company that will set new standards for this industry.

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