Even though many people prophesied blockchain’s total failure, it continues to gain momentum in the gaming industry. And its main benefits (decentralization and openness) can bring huge changes into the gaming market. Thus, gamers can own and autonomously exchange in-game resources with the help of blockchain technology. It is also advantageous for developers since they can make extra money by vending game tokens and units. Of course, you will hardly come across blockchain-based AAA games in the nearest future, but many other games have already been functioning on this technology for some time. So, you can play and earn cryptocurrency right now if you have already read papersowl reviews and taken care of your assignments. You hardly want to interrupt your game session and go to do your homework at the most exciting moment.

A1 Fighters

Developers position that it is not just an ordinary game but a gaming platform that can boast of regular airdrops. Users can participate in the royal battle and get the opportunity to earn ERC20, ERC721, TRC20, TRC721 tokens created on the Ethereum and Tron blockchain. Besides, they plan distributions of coins produced on EOS and NEO in the future. If you want to get tokens, you should install additional applications or use dapp-browsers where only the wallet address is required.


The game created on the EOS blockchain encourages you to become a virtual real estate agent who works in real cities, for example, in Paris. You will get a map created in the Google Maps style to select real estate objects, purchase and vend them on the EOS platform. It resembles Pokemon Go, but here, you will collect buildings and landmarks. You can create a collection of buildings and confer them with unique features that their real analogs do not have. If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can start playing it right away.


Blizzard Entertainment’s famous online card game, Hearthstone, has served as an inspiration source for this free Ethereum blockchain-based game. You will have to collect decks of one-of-a-kind cards and win over other players. Blockchain technology allows you to purchase cards or vend them on Reddit or another site, present them to somebody or even exterminate them. The starter set of cards is free of charge, and all other required cards can be purchased or exchanged. The initial kit involves 350 cards.

Since it is still in beta, and the publisher randomly selects players once a week, so you can register via email to get a chance to play. It is still unclear when they officially launch the game, but some players have already stated that the game is ahead of its competitors in many ways. You can check out this bold statement, but don’t forget to check a custom writings review to avoid a scam service and find a reliable one that can help you get your papers done in time if you start playing the game.

The Sandbox

It is a blockchain analog of the popular mobile game released back in 2012 and had over one million active users. The game also has a sequel, The Sandbox Evolution. In August 2018, it was bought by Animoca to create a blockchain version.

You can create everything you want in a provided sandbox mode. It resembles the classic Minecraft and Roblox. You take on the role of “the deity’s disciple” and create your universe with the help of various items and resources. You will get unusual and fascinating tasks. For example, you should generate heating but first it is necessary to invent electricity. You can save the world created, exchange its elements with other gamers using NFS-tokens, purchase/ vend/ donate on your terms. The key goal is to create a well-tailored ecosystem run by the gaming community.

Blankos Block Party

It is an analog of LittleBigPlanet from Sony but on the EOS platform. It is a mixture of platforming and construction sets, allowing gamers to create unique vinyl toys that resemble Lego figures. You will find yourself in a casual multiplayer world styled like a huge party. Players’ characters can meet, go on a bonus hunt, meet daily challenges, etc. You will have a chance to design your gameplay mode. In other words, you can develop a game inside the game. You can upgrade, customize, collect, exchange or vend your characters. The game offers many possibilities for gamers and people with creative jobs who want to develop their skills. So, if you’re going to try your hand at playing this game, you will need enough time to do everything you want. You can look through online reviews to find a trustworthy helper that will free up your schedule.

Neon District

Blockade Games company has created a flagship cyberpunk RPG. The action takes place in the city of Unity, which has districts of the wealthy people and a district of desperate outlaws, the Neon District. The rebels want to tear their government down. Players can upgrade characters, collect NFT stuff, develop strategies, and fight in various missions. You can get new abilities and features when you reach a new level. All items can be freely traded or exchanged.

Nowadays, you can try your hand at a full-fledged version of the game, in which users can use previously earned items and take joint missions with friends.



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