Helix helps Mana deliver embedded banking solutions tailored for gamers

Mana Offers Digital Banking Services Through Its Online Gaming App


Helix by Q2 (NYSE: QTWO), a cloud-native core purpose built for embedded finance, has announced today that Mana Interactive Inc., an online gaming app founded in 2021, has launched its new banking service through Helix’s embedded finance solution. This service includes Visa debit cards and checking accounts within its online gaming app, and are offered in partnership with MVB Bank. Through Mana’s unique Quest rewards program, users will have access to personalized incentives to play their favorite games and make responsible purchases in the real world with their Mana-branded Visa debit card.
Helix serves more than 12 million users nationwide and processes over $20 billion in transactions per year. Helix offers the building blocks of banking – accounts, cards, payments, data and controls, administrative tools and monetization solutions – all in one place, making it easier for innovative companies to embed personalized financial experiences in the context of the applications that people use in their daily lives.
Helix is the embedded finance platform behind Mana’s banking services and gave Mana the product flexibility they needed to design the Mana Quest system, which has three facets: the Banking Quest, the Gaming Quest and the Shopping Quest. Each Quest brings tailored rewards and suggestions where, if completed, the user earns additional rewards and unlocks a new stage in their “quest.” Popular mobile games like Clash of Clans are already supported by Mana to provide Mana Quests for their users.
“We have seen exponential growth since launching our waitlist on March 31, and we hope to continue that growth. In the next three to five years, we want Mana to be a household name in the gaming world, as the ‘neobanking solution for gamers’*,” said Mana CEO Joe Zhou. “By partnering with Helix, we open up our capabilities for more than embedded finance, including conversions and even sending points and money through our system, and doing it all at a large scale, which only Helix can provide for us.”
Helix helped Mana build its checking account and debit card offering specifically with the gamer in mind. Unlike other financial products on the market, Mana provides a solution that fits seamlessly into a gamer’s lifestyle and gives them points they’ll actually use. Mana provides them with rewards, perks and benefits that are meaningful to how gamers live their everyday lives by integrating the time spent in-game into this first-of-its-kind financial rewards system.
“We are thrilled to work with Mana to bring the principles and experiences people have loved about gaming into the world of finance. By bringing gamification to banking, for example, connecting users’ gaming lives to their real lives and enabling them to earn points by completing Mana Quests in the games that they play the most, Mana is transforming the way people think about finance,” said Ahon Sarkar, general manager of Helix. “Gaming is such an important vertical for Helix. By empowering Mana’s unique Quest system with our embedded finance platform, we’ll unlock new financial journeys and options for players while adding an entirely new dimension to the immersion of games that Mana supports.”
Mana offers users two types of checking accounts: the Mana Account and the subscription-based Mana Pro Account. Mana Pro requires a yearly subscription of $119.95 and offers boosted rewards and exclusive perks in addition to a Damascus Steel metal card.  Mana PRO is currently available at a discounted price of $69.95 during its waitlist phase leading into launch this summer.

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